– Download Music, Movies, Korean Series, and TV Series on is a wonderful and amazing free website where users can download their latest and trending Music, Movies, Videos, and TV Series files to their devices. The site where you can see all these electronic files to download is netnaija (thenetnaija) or (

Netnaija.Com - Download Tv series | Music | Movies | Videos From Netnaija

Not everybody knows about this site, so we are writing this article to inform those Music, Movie, Video, and TV Series lovers about this site and How they can download their Latest and trending media files for free. ( is one of the best sites that can offer people what they are looking for like I said earlier you could find lots of the latest exciting videos, news, and even music on the site.

To crown it all, the entire site is all about, entertainment, technology, education, web/ wap masters, and also finance, which today I will be telling you about. First I will like to tell you about the music and how you can download it. 

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Netnaija URL Update

Originally, we all recognized Netnaija’s URL to be, but due to some issues, they had to make some changes to their URL. Now, if you want to access the site, you would have to do that using

Although this might seem hard to figure out, Netnaija made it possible for users to still access the main page using the old URL ( so what happens here is that if you enter on your web browser search bar, you would be redirected to this is really helpful to the masses visiting the site every day. Categories

Here are some of the categories that are found on Netnaija:

  • Forum.
  • Music.
  • Videos.
  • Movies.
  • TV Series.
  • Netnaija Nollywood movies
  • Netnaija Nigerian movies

These are some of the categories that you can find on Netnaija, although there are still many more, as you read you will see them.

Netnaija Movies Categories

The best thing about Netnaija is that they offer all categories of movies for download. Nothing is left out. the site would not let you download when it comes to movies, and below I would be giving you some movies that you can get your hands on. they include:

  • Horror Movies
  • Thrillers Movies
  • Sci-fi Movies 
  • Action Movies
  • Scary Movies
  • Adventure Movies

and many more. just anyone you could think of is available on Netnaija

Netnaija Trending Movies – Netnaija Action Movies 

You can now find trending movies on This section covers all the currently trending movies in the present period of time. it would have been nice to list out the movies but they change all the time as one may outrank the other. You can find a list of all the currently trending movies on Netnaija at

How to Download Movies on

On www netnaija com movies, you can download any movie.

  • Go to the Netnaija site,
  • Then click on the video link above the page.
  • Select the Movie category, and then click on it.
  • Now you will see Movies select anyone of your choice.
  • After you have clicked it, another page will display.
  • Scroll below, and click on the download button below the alternate link.
  • After that, you can now click on the “download now” that has the size of the movie.

The movie will begin to download immediately.

Netnaija Forum

This service or category is a wonderful one on this superb website; the forum feature is all about topics that thrill or amaze users, with hot topics. Not just topics but trending topics and users are also allowed to comment and share their ideas with other users on the platform.

This is also called an interaction feature because it deals with communication and also sharing of thoughts. There are also updates about the latest and funny news that demands comment from users. This feature can make users argue too, it is amazing. 

Netnaija Categories

There are lots of forums on this platform that will make you enjoy visiting Netnaija, here are some below:

  • News: This deals with news around your community, state, or your country.
  • Health: This deals with human health and how you can improve your health.
  • Romance: all about relationships and how you can have some advice.
  • Lifestyle: Is all about lifestyle.
  • Gambling: This deals with bets and how you can easily get some help.
  • Religion: It is all about debate, and advice and also helps with religion.
  • Entertainment forum where you can be entertained.
  • Technology forum.
  • Education Forum is all about exams and how you can easily learn better or faster.
  • Web/Wap Maters Forum.
  • Finance Forum.
  • Netnaija movies series

These are some categories that are found under the Forum feature on Netnaija.

Netnaija Music

There is lots of music you can find and also download from the Netnaija site; here are some of the categories you can find on Netnaija;

  • African music.
  • Gospel music.
  • Upcoming artist’s music.
  • Blues music.
  • Foreign music.
  • Highlife / old school music.
  • Instrumentals music.
  • Religious sermons.
  • Audio comedy.

These are some of the music you can find on the Netnaija platform, although there is much more.

Netnaija Music Videos

There is a section on this web portal where you can find the currently trending music. This link will direct you to the page where you can find these trending music videos.

How to Download Music on

Here is how you can download music from the Netnaija platform;

  • Go to the Netnaija website,
  • After you can click on the music link at the top of the page.
  • You will now see lots of the latest music, select any of your choices and click or tap it.
  • After you have clicked on the music, scroll down and you will see a box with a play icon, speaker icon, and a stop button, it looks like a music box.
  • In that box, you will see a link “download better”, click or tap it.
  • Another page will be opened, click on the “download now” button, which has the size of the music in it.

When you have done this the music will automatically begin to download on your device. Videos

The Netnaija has a lot of interesting latest videos that will interest you. Here are some of the videos you can find on the Netnaija platform;

  • Comedy videos.
  • Music videos.
  • Foreign music videos.
  • Gospel videos.
  • Movies.
  • Korean Series
  • Nollywood movies.
  • Tech videos.
  • Sports videos.
  • Video news.

These are some of the videos you can see on the Netnaija platform.

How to Download Videos on

Here is how you can download Netnaija videos;

  • Go to the Netnaija site,
  • Then click on the video link above the page.
  • Select any video of your choice, and then click on it.
  • After you have clicked it, another page will display.
  • Scroll below, and click on the download button below the alternate link.
  • After that, you can now click on the “download now” that has the size of the video.

Then it will automatically begin to download.

Netnaija Movies

There are lots of Action Movies on Netnaija (Netnaija Action Movies) you can download today, all you need to do is to access the Netnaija movies category then select your movie, or you can easily just search for the movie you want to download. Also, you are going to find the latest movies on the homepage of Netnaija once you visit the website.

Netnaija TV Series

The same goes for TV series there are lots of TV Series on Netnaija the latest and also the old ones. You can just access the TV series category or search for the TV series you want to download. You can also see some latest TV series when you visit the Netnaija homepage. 

How to Download TV Series

Here are the steps below to follow when you want to download TV Series on Netnaija:

  • Go to the Netnaija site,
  • Then click on the video link above the page.
  • Select the TV series category, and then click on it.
  • Now you will see TV Series select anyone of your choice.
  • After you have clicked it, another page will display.
  • Scroll below, and click on the download button below the alternate link.
  • After that, you can now click on the “download now” that has the size of the TV series.

These are steps to enable you to download TV Series on Netnaija.

Netnaija Korean Series

With the comfort Netnaija brings when it comes to downloading movies, anyone would want to make use of them to download their favorite Korean Series. And luckily, this is now possible.

If you search Netnaija, you would most like be greeted with trending news, songs, and movies and recently, they just started adding trending Korean Series to their page. So this means you can now download your favorite Korean Series.

How to Download Korean Series on

Here I would be giving you what you need to download a K drama from Netnaija. the process is quite similar to downloading any other series from the site.

  • First, visit Netnaija’s official web page at If the series you want to download is a trendy one, then you might find one immediately after you open the site.
  • But if not, you would have to use the search bar and search for the name of the series. This would bring out the series
  • Seeing as Netnaija has a simple interface, you should be able to easily navigate to the episode and the season you want to download
  • Once you have gotten the episode, you should be taken to a page where both the Video and the subtitle are on display for download
  • Click on the video
  • Then click on download, and your download should begin immediately.

Categories of News on Thenetnaija

Here are some of the categories of news on Netnaija;

  • Sports news.
  • Politics news.
  • Celebrity news.

These are some of the categories of news found on the Netnaija platform.

Finance Post on Netnaija

The finance on Netnaija is all about business news and loans article. If you want to know everything about loans and business then you should click on the “forum” link above the page then select finance, and also click on the type of article you want to read. This is how to access business news on the Netnaija platform.

There are still lots more for you to find or explore just click on the “forum” link and find lots of features or links on the Netnaija platform.


Is Down or not Working Right Now?

Well, according to a report, Netnaija is having a temporal issue with its server which is preventing most people from logging in to the website. However, if you are having a difficult time logging in to the website, you should try using a good VPN connection. 

5 Ways to Fix Netnaija Not Working 

below are ways to fix Netnaija not working:

  • First, the server should be checked and if it having issues it should be fixed.
  • Then the cache and cookies should be cleared off the browser.
  • Empower the use of VPN.
  • Then check the internet connection for a better connection.
  • Lastly, restart your device.

How can I Start Entertainment Website Like Netnaija?

In other to create a website like Netnaija, you will have to:

  • Getting a website name. However, You should ensure you find a unique name for your entertainment website to help your business stand out
  • Then, add desired features to your website You can do that by creating an excellent entertainment website without any coding
  • Publish your website. Test your entertainment website and launch 

What is Netnaija all About? 

Netnaija is an online repository or platform for the latest movies, music, all kinds of entertainment gossip, trading news and more. it offers not less than the best and ensures its viewers get maximum satisfaction.

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