ACQUIRE Contest for Frontline Healthcare Workers 2023 – APPLY NOW

Have you heard of the 2023 ACQUIRE Contest for Frontline Healthcare Workers? ACQUIRE is cordially inviting all Frontline healthcare workers and leadership in Africa to partake in this year’s World Patient Safety celebrations. This program provides a special opportunity and platform for Frontline healthcare workers and leadership in Africa to share their perspectives and experiences as part of the ongoing discussion about healthcare quality improvement.

ACQUIRE Contest for Frontline Healthcare Workers 2023
ACQUIRE Contest for Frontline Healthcare Workers 2023

The theme for this year’s World Patient Safety celebrations is “Engaging Patients for Patient Safety.” Consequently, we encourage interested individuals to share their narratives about projects related to Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, or any instances where healthcare providers acknowledged Patients’ Voices.

A Brief History About Acquire Frontline Healthcare

Africa Consortium Quality Improvement Research in Frontline Health Care adopts a forward-thinking approach towards the development and advancement of the continent’s health system. Their main objective is to establish a framework that promotes and facilitates research on quality improvement (QI) at the frontline level. The aim of the organization is to achieve continuous evidence-based quality improvement for frontline health workers, healthcare institutions, and ultimately the entire health system. The ultimate goal is to enhance the safety, responsiveness, equity, effectiveness, and efficiency of healthcare services.

Summary Of Acquire Frontline Healthcare Care

  • Program: Acquire Contest for Frontline Health care workers
  • Organization: Acquire Frontline Healthcare
  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Award: $750(1st place), $500(2nd place) and $250(3rd place).
  • Application Deadline: September 15, 2023.


Here are some benefits attached to acquiring a contest:

  1. Prizes
  • First place prize: $750
  • Second place prize:$500
  • Third place prize $250
  1. The best ten (10) submissions, will get a chance to share their stories with senior Officials of WHO and  HI  at a storytelling webinar on September 29, 2023
  2. Each entry that meets the requirements of the Quality Improvement (QI) test of change will receive a cash prize of $50.

Acquire Contest 2023 Eligibility Criteria

To be qualified for the Acquire Contest 2023, you must meet up with the following criteria:

  • Acquire seeks for unique, sincere tales.
  • All submissions must be the participant’s original work, and if necessary, they should be able to be properly confirmed. This means that they will require the contact information of a referee, colleague, or supervisor to authenticate your submissions.
  • Narratives should discuss the impact on patients or hospital systems using measurable or observable evidence. This could include facts, accounts, or examples from before and after. They are interested in learning about any impact on a patient’s journey or participation in a team effort that benefited the entire system.
  • All tales should be told in either English or French. Videos featuring foreign language speakers should have transcriptions with English subtitles.
  • The events you’re submitting should have happened within the last two years.Doing this ensures that the content incorporates the most recent developments and perspectives in healthcare.
  • All tales should be told in either English or French. Videos featuring foreign language speakers ought to have transcriptions with English subtitles.
  • A well-written or well-presented submission should have concise, well-organized content. The flow of an abstract should be logical, whereas the audio and visual quality of a video should be excellent. The stories should ideally have a distinct beginning, past, and current action.
  • In storytelling, one should observe ethics and protect patient privacy. Delicate personal details should not be included without authorization

  • The event’s planners are open to narratives that feature testimonials from a range of perspectives, such as those of patients, healthcare workers, career professionals, and administrators. This will provide a thorough picture of the impact on many stakeholders.

How To Apply For Acquire Contest 2023

  • Share a list of your Quality Improvement initiatives with video proof.
  • Briefly and abstractly summarize the story’s primary themes by listing the steps you took to improve, the data you collected, the lessons you learned, and the change you saw.
  • Your Abstracts must be in this format: Title, Author, Organization & Contact Email; Background/Purpose/Rationale; Methods; Results; Discussion; Conclusion; and Recommendations.
  • Along with the abstract, include a compelling video presentation that brings the story to life. The videos may contain testimonials, before-and-after images, or any other visual elements that demonstrate the effects of change.

To Apply For this opportunity, click on the provided link

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Application Deadline

September 15, 2023.



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