Fortnite Concept Royale Contest – Fortnite Concept Royale Prize for Winners

Fortnite has never failed when it comes to making the fans and player happy, and because of that, they introduced the Fortnite Concept Royale Contest, that would further transform two fans concept into the reality of today.

Fortnite Concept Royale Contest

Fortnite Concept Royale Contest

Fortnite has recently Announced a new contest titled the Fortnite Concept Royale. This interesting news opportunity would lead to the two ‘exceptional’ fan concepts that are being turned right into an actual in-game outfit, offering creators the opportunity of bringing their idea to a big audience. To add to the concept of being transformed into a new outfit, the two winners would both also receive rewards.

Tons of Fortnite players have shared their own particular skin concepts online, but this new contest offers them a rare opportunity to catch the attention of Epic. Fortnite Concept Royale contest officially started yesterday, June 15, and it would continue to run right until the very last minute of July 11.

What Fortnite Concept Royale is About

During this period, created can post their original skin concepts on their Twitter and Instagram. The post is expected to feature the #ConceptRoyaleContest hashtag in order for Epic to discover them. It basically seems that Epic wants the concept to be revealed as the official skins this December as a part of whatever the Winter 2021 event the company has planned.

Epic stated in their announcement that, “Send us your most festive, frosty, and fun designs to bundle up this holiday season.” Creators and the fans that plan to take part are expected to sure read the full contest rules(PDF) before deciding to develop their concept in other to make sure that it qualifies for the challenge.

Fortnite Concept Royale Prize for Winners

To add to seeing their concept transformed into an actual Fortnite skin, Epic stated that the two winners would also receive about $2,500 in cash. The concept happens to be very limited to people who are ages 13 and older and the company would be allowing just one entry per creator.


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