A Home Feed With Just People You Follow among Potential Threads Features

A home feed with just people you follow among potential Threads features according to the Instagram head. The Twitter competitor by Meta recently launched with a single main feed that mixes posts from accounts that you follow with recommended content thus leading to complaints from users.

Potential Threads Features

Potential Threads Features

Instagram head Adam Mosseri has recently responded to calls for a Threads home feed that only contains posts that are from accounts you follow, saying that it’s “on the list” of features that the platform would like to add. Mosseri reportedly sent the message in response to a post from YouTuber Marques Brownlee who was requesting the feature as well as to photographer Noah Kalina. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg also recently chimed in, thus posting a thumbs-up emoji in response to the request from Brownlee.

Other features that Mosseri has stated that are “on the list” include support for making edits to posts, a translation option for several languages, as well as options to switch between different Threads accounts.

How Threads Feed Looks Like   

If however, your early experience with Meta’s Twitter competitor is anything just like mine, then your home feed is very much likely filled with posts from random accounts that are recommended to you by the algorithm of the service alongside content that is from accounts that you have actually decided to follow. In my own case, these recommended posts in question far outnumber the content that I have actually chosen to see, but it is very much difficult to know just how much of this is because Threads only launched a couple of hours ago and it is still onboarding new users in their millions.

When Will the New Feature Come To Realism?

And although both Mosseri and Zuckerberg have actively responded to the requests, their posts are very much far from a firm commitment to add the suggested feature. But given that the main Instagram app already offers a similar choice of feeds that includes a dedicated “Following” list, it now seems possible that Threads will adopt a similar approach. In the case of Instagram, however, the feed that contains recommendations is however still the default.

Meta to Integrate Threads with ActivityPub

Meta however has been much more outspoken about its future plans to integrate Threads with ActivityPub, which is the decentralized social media protocol that as you should know provides the basis of rival microblogging service Mastodon. Eventually, the hope here is that users of Threads will be able to interact with those on other ActivityPub-based services. Support for the protocol as you should know could even allow a Threads user to take their audience with them in the event they ever get to leave the service, Mosseri in a recent interview revealed.



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