BeReal Introduces a ‘BTS’ Feature, and Here’s how You can Use it

Now, friends can witness all the preparation involved in being authentic.

BeReal Introduces a 'BTS' Feature, and Here's how You can Use it
BeReal Introduces a ‘BTS’ Feature, and Here’s how You can Use it

BeReal’s Evolution: From ‘App of the Moment’ to a Feature-Rich Experience

Thinking about it is strange, but BeReal has significantly progressed from its initial simple design since its launch in 2020. What was once the “app of the moment” is now striving to incorporate numerous features to retain its user base (yes, that’s me, one of them). This encompasses the new Behind the Scenes (BTS) feature, allowing users to view the initial seconds before a BeReal is posted.

BeReal has added four significant features to the app. These include the option to tag your friends in your posts, RealGroups that enable users to form private BeReal groups, and the 2023 recap, which, while not new, brings the joy of receiving Spotify Wrapped clones in unexpected locations.

Unlocking Behind-the-Scenes Magic: A Guide to BeReal’s New ‘BTS’ Feature

BeReal has introduced a new ‘BTS’ feature, and here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can make the most of it. This latest addition to the platform allows users to delve into behind-the-scenes moments before a BeReal is posted, adding an exciting dimension to the user experience.

To get started with this feature, it’s remarkably simple. Before posting, you can preview the BTS video by long-pressing on your BeReal. This not only applies to your own posts but also allows you to explore the behind-the-scenes content of your friends’ BeReals. It adds a personal touch and insight into the moments leading up to the shared content.

For those concerned about unintentionally capturing BTS footage, there’s an easy solution. The BeReal help center clarifies that only the first camera used will record the BTS video, and it’s activated by default. However, if you wish to opt-out, simply toggle it off using the conveniently placed option in the corner of the screen.

Empowering Your Content: Control and Flexibility with BeReal’s ‘BTS’ Feature

Moreover, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you forgot to turn off BTS after capturing your post, fret not. You have the option to disable it before posting on the preview screen. This user-friendly feature ensures that you have control over what you share and adds a layer of flexibility to the content creation process.

Despite the simplicity of this process, there’s an underlying question about whether this addition alone will be sufficient to address the challenge of retaining daily active users on the platform. As BeReal aims to enhance the user experience with continuous updates, the impact of the ‘BTS’ feature remains to be seen.

the introduction of the ‘BTS’ feature brings a refreshing dynamic to BeReal, allowing users to share not just the final product but the journey leading up to it. With its easy integration and user-friendly controls, it adds a layer of personalization to the platform. As users explore and adapt to this new feature, BeReal continues to evolve, aiming to keep its user base engaged and satisfied.

How to Use

Using BTS is genuinely straightforward and smoothly integrated into the app. According to the BeReal help center, the first camera you use will exclusively capture the BTS video, and it’s activated by default. Nevertheless, you can easily turn it off with the option conveniently located in the corner of the screen.

Preview the BTS video before posting by long-pressing on your BeReal. You can also do this to check out your friends’ BeReals. If you forgot to turn off BTS after snapping your post, you can disable it before posting on the preview screen.

The process is quite simple for this neat addition to the platform. Yet, it remains uncertain whether this will suffice to retain the diminishing number of daily active users still engaged with the app.

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