iPhone 12 Pro Review: iPhone 12 Pro Price and Release date

This is an article about the iPhone 12 Pro Review. The iPhone 12 Pro is one of the most feature-rich iPhones you’ll be able to buy straight away.

It’s the best of all of Apple’s features inside, and it’s certainly the model to think about. If you’re questioning whether the iPhone 12 has enough raw power for you.

iPhone 12 Pro Review

Announced alongside the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, the key upgrades over the iPhone 12 are subtle. There’s slightly more RAM, but the identical chipset inside.

There are three camera sensors on the rear, not two. So, you’ll be able to now meet up with to subjects and scenes with 2x optical zoom.

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iPhone 12 Pro Review

The addition of LiDAR, that’s a replacement sensor on the rear camera to gauge distance. Brings more focusing options, and paves the way for more advanced augmented reality features within the future.

But otherwise, the professional is essentially identical because of the ‘standard’ iPhone 12. It’s precisely the same size, shape, screen technology, and backbone. And debuts 5G and Apple’s MagSafe tech on an iPhone too.

iPhone 12 Pro Price and Release date

The iPhone 12 Pro was announced alongside the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max on October 13, 2020. While we originally expected to work out the phones at the September Apple Event.

In line with the standard iPhone launch window, the handsets were unveiled a month later. Likely because of the coronavirus outbreak’s impact on manufacturing and provide schedules.

The iPhone 12 Pro release date was October 23, 2020 meaning you’ll get your hands on that now. The iPhone 12 Pro Max followed later in November, but that’s also readily available now.

The iPhone 12 Pro price starts at $999 / £999 / AU$1,699 for the 128GB model. That’s an improved minimum storage offering over both the iPhone 11 Pro.

And therefore, the base model of the new iPhone 12. With the value rising to $1,099 / £1,099 / AU$1,869 for 256GB, and $1,299 / £1,299 / AU$2,219 for 512GB.


The iPhone 12 Pro design is different from last year’s iPhone 11 Pro. Like all the handsets within the iPhone 12 range, it’s flat sides with sharp, 90-degree edges.

It’s hard to inform whether this is often something that’s primarily functional more on this below. Or simply a change to the look language, to emphasize that this is often a replacement iPhone. And an upgrade over last year’s model.

Another new addition is that the Ceramic Shield on the front, which replaces the glass from the iPhone 11. Apple has worked with Corning to form a structure that it says isn’t actually glass.

But rather a ‘nano-crystalline’ structure that has fourfold the strength of last year’s screen. So, it should be harder to interrupt your new iPhone.

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The iPhone 12 Pro has, essentially, the identical OLED screen technology as last year. Screen size increases from 5.8-inch to six.1-inch. Without adding to the scale of the iPhone 12 Pro’s chassis compared to last year’s model.

It’s now the identical size because of the display on the iPhone 12, which is surprising. With OLED technology used here, you’re getting one amongst the most effective screens around.


If you get any of the new iPhone range, you’re getting 5G connectivity as standard. And that is a wonderful thing. Apple is smuggling the next-gen connectivity tech into your next phone. Whether you wish it or not.

When it works because it can, it’s game-changing. Downloading a 110MB audiobook took us just 30 seconds. And where our 4G phone couldn’t connect with Spotify. Due to network congestion within the middle of a city.

We were able to instantly connect and begin streaming over 5G on the iPhone 12 Pro (on EE in London, UK). 5G may appear flashy, and it’s hard to not be dazzled by promises of speeds of 200Mbps on the go. But it’s actually an extremely useful and robust technology.

It’ll allow you to attach seamlessly to the net in crowded environments. If you have ever tried to browse the net at a sports event or upload a photograph while at a concert. You will appreciate having the ability to try those things with ease over a 5G connection.


The iPhone 12 Pro camera array consists of three distinct snappers: there’s an everyday ‘wide’ option, an ultra-wide sensor. And therefore, the telephoto 2x zooms for getting closer to your subjects.

There’s a fourth sensor here: the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max include a LiDAR scanner. Which makes it easier for the iPhone to figure out what it’s watching.

While that seems like you will be ready to scan whole rooms and rearrange them virtually in an instance. It’s actually more useful for detecting people’s faces in low light. Enabling the camera to auto-focus speedily.


At first glance, the iPhone 12 Pro could be a tough sell over the most iPhone 12. The phones look identical, and a look at the spec sheet shows them to be similar on the within too.

However, there are some key areas that impressed us more. The iPhone 12 Pro colors are lovely to appear at. With the Pacific Blue one in every of the nicer shades, we have seen on a phone.

Scratch the surface and you will actually see a more compelling phone. The telephoto zoom is sort of useful arguably more so than the ultra-wide sensor.

The LiDAR scanner, while still in its infancy as a technology for an iPhone, is already proving to be helpful. When shooting in low light, and there is that issue of storage too. Starting at 128GB is much more palatable than 64GB for the fashionable smartphone user.

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