Facebook Ads Cost – How to Buy and Pay for Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Cost does not go up for a specific amount, you can decide by yourself the amount you want to spend on advertising on Facebook.

Then Facebook will work towards trying to get you as many outcomes as possible for the amount that is convenient for you.

Facebook Ads Cost

You can decide to spend $10 and may also decide to spend $30,000, the amount is dependent on you. Although there are some types of advanced ads that it will be required of you to spend a minimum amount to work.

Facebook will send you a notification of the set of ads and the minimum amount required when you are creating them.

There are two methods by which your Facebook ads Costs can be defined. The first way is by your overalls amount spent and the second way is by the cost of each result you get.

You are able to control your overall amount spent through your budget and you are able to control your cost per result through your bid strategy.

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Facebook Ads Costs: How can I pay?

During the process of the creation of your first ad, you will be required to state a payment method to your account. This payment method you state will be the mode of payment you will use to pay for that ad and all other ads after that.

Different varieties of payment methods such as credit and debit cards, PayPal, online banking (or direct debit), and other local payment methods can be used to pay for your ads.

The options that you will have access to choose from are dependent on the country you are located in and the currency of your ad account.

When will I be Charged for my ads?

This actually depends on the method of payment that you have selected. To sort out your Facebook ads cost, you will have to pay in either of the two ways below:

  • Automatic payments: Payments won’t be required immediately. Instead, your ad costs will continue to add up as your ads run, and you will be automatically charged on your monthly bill date.
  • Manual payments. The money will have to be added to your account before your add the, and it will be deducted from that amount up to once a day as your ads are running.

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Where can I buy Facebook Ads?

There are two major places from which you can buy Facebook Ads whenever you want to, they are given below:

  • Your Page. This is the easiest method of buying ads but it does not have some customization options while the Ads Manager has those options. You can carry this out by making use of a mobile device, a computer or the Pages Manager app.
  • Ads Manager. This Ads Manager interface will put you through the creation of a campaign. You can access it on computers and as a mobile app.

That how you can buy Facebook Ads.

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