Samsung S Pen: The Samsung S Pen Could Have Essentially Potential Uses

Samsung just revealed the new Galaxy S21 Ultra would be its S series to support the Samsung S Pen stylus. But the corporate is already saying that S Pen support will come to other devices in later years.

Samsung S Pen

Samsung has been on the top record of the tech industry alongside Apple and others. There are a lot of products released by Samsung in late 2020 and early 2021. Some of these products include the S Pen, Earbuds Pro, and many others.

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Here is some gathered information about the Samsung S Pen product, and what it can be used for.

Samsung S Pen

Samsung’s S Pen is generally related to its Galaxy Note series. But that will presumably change within the coming years. The newly unveiled Galaxy S21 Ultra will include S Pen support. Samsung will even make standalone S Pens for the device.

Samsung With S Pen

Including a professional model that permits Bluetooth connection for Air Actions gestures. Supported the company’s statement to SamMobile, Samsung is also manufacturing those S Pens for other devices, as well.

Uses of Samsung S Pen

Here is the most important part of these devices. It can be used to perform a countless actions. Below listed are some of the actions that the pen can be used for:

Screen-off Memos:

Notetaking with the S Pen is as simple as writing during a notebook. On the Screen-off Memo, users will be able to quickly and discreetly jot notes. Without unlocking your Galaxy Note20, wherever and whenever the instant strikes.

Screen Write:

Annotating images, charts or documents is simple with Screen Write. In fact, users will be able to add notes to utterly anything you’re viewing on your Note20.

Annotate PDFs:

Samsung Notes also gives you the flexibility to import PDFs and annotate them without downloading a further app. And with the refined S Pen providing you with a truer pen and paper experience.

Adding a fast sketch or comment now comes as naturally. Because it would if you were making notes on a memo someone left on your desk.

Write on Calendar:

Coordinating schedules has never been easier with writing a Calendar. This smart shortcut will open your calendar for this month. And allow users to add notes and share in a second.

Convert your handwriting

On-screen keyboard got you feeling all thumbs? Use your S Pen to write down naturally. Then instantly convert your handwriting to text, able to paste into an email or convert into a Microsoft Word document.

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Smart Select

Zero in on exactly what you wish to share with the Smart Select feature. Which allows you to lasso anything you’ll be able to see on your screen. As well as export it as a picture.

First, open the content that has the snippet you wish and tap Smart Select within the Air Command menu. From there, you’ll select or lasso the precise content you would like and quickly save it.

Users will even extract text from the chosen content, quickly sharing and repurposing it as you see fit.

Video editing

The S Pen makes editing videos on your phone quick and simple. After you’ve captured content on the Note20’s next-level camera system. Tap the pen icon to access the powerful native editing tools.


Browsing the net and are available across something in another language? Hover your S Pen over a word or phrase for a rapid translation. Then tap the sound icon to listen to it pronounced.

This convenient feature helps you communicate more easily and efficiently while on the go, nearly anywhere within the world.


Need to get an in-depth-up? Magnify helps you to hover over anything on your Note20’s screen to concentrate by up to 300 percent. View photos or drawings in precise detail, even while you’re on the go.

When paired with the Space Zoom feature on the Note20 Ultra’s powerful 108MP camera. Which supplies you up to Super Res 50x zoom capability. And there’s nothing you won’t be ready to see or capture within the course of your work.

Run your presentation

Leave a bearing in your next meeting by using the Note20 to present. And therefore, the S Pen to advance slides in Microsoft PowerPoint. Users will be able to keep your presentation moving smoothly. From up to 30 feet away due to the S Pen’s BLE connectivity.

Control your camera

Simply handle your Note20 to capture the shot, confiscate the S Pen and acquire it into position. From there, just click the S Pen button to require a photograph.

Device music and media

You can use the S Pen device to play and pause music and media similarly.

Note, more research can be done on Google.

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