Facebook Stock Today: Financial And Economic History of Facebook

Speaking of Facebook Stock Today, Facebook is known as the largest social network, but also the first of its kind. However, this company specializes above all in the provision of online social networking services, with an activity that could be divided into three large groups, which are:

  • networking facilities, with information and photo exchange services for individuals;
  • the operation of a platform for hosting applications and websites for developers, and
  • the exploitation of online advertising space.

Of course, the vast majority of the turnover of the Facebook company, that is, 92.2% comes from the sale of the company. Facebook only gets 45.3% of its turnover in the United States.

Facebook Stock Today

On its own, this company epitomizes the success expected of a unique number of users exceeding one billion.

Facebook Stock Today

We can see that compared to the number of users of this exchange website, the capital obtained at the time of its introduction allows us to evaluate the price that each user must pay at $ 100. Therefore, we are not surprised that investors turned up in masses to buy securities of this company, which aims for a constant and an exponential increase in the number of potential clients present in this network and the possibilities of long-term business volume.

Facebook Company Characteristics

Everyone knows the Facebook society, and for good reason. This is one of the rare technology companies that gathers in the whole world not far from billions of users. Now, these users are the ones that interest the commercials, who see in them an unusual potential of consumers. The marketing objectives of the investors of this company are, therefore, marketing and more particularly advertising.

When the amount of capitalization of this company in its introduction on the stock market is compared with the number of users, we realize that proportionally, a user has been quoted at $ 100. Taking this information into account, we better understand the advantages that there can be in speculating on Facebook shares, all the more so since the number of users continues to increase every day.

Introduction and Listing of Facebook Shares

Presently, the data regarding the evolution of the Facebook share on the Stock Market is scarce since these titles have only been a company since June 5, 2012. The shares of this company were listed on the Nasdaq market, according to the same concept as the most important technological actions such as those of Google or Apple.

After many months of all kinds of rumors, this social network finally kept its premises by becoming one of the most prominent companies of the moment. It is worth mentioning that investors were not Begged once the sale of shares in this company was announced and began to buy them in masse. In total, Facebook’s listing has been made up to a maximum of $ 100 billion.

However, we can see that the listing of this company attracted many investors and was a success. In fact, in just one day, more than $ 100 billion was sold.

Financial And Economic History of Facebook

We have listed below, some of the most important dates in the economic history of the Facebook company:

  1. On August 8, 2010, Facebook purchases 19 patents from Friendster.
  2. In January 2011, the company was valued at $ 50 billion.
  3. In March 2011, Facebook launched its VOD (video on demand) service.
  4. Also, In August 2011, Facebook bought Push Pop Press.
  5. In March 2012, Facebook launched its online application store, App Center.
  6. In April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars.
  7. Also, In May 2012, Facebook buys Glancee.
  8. In February 2014, Facebook buys WhatsApp for $ 19 billion, of which $ 15 billion is a share exchange.
  9. In March 2014, Facebook bought the company Oculus VR, which specialized in virtual reality, for 2 billion dollars.
  10. Also, In September 2016, Facebook announced in a press release a partnership with the companies IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon for artificial intelligence for the benefit of citizens and society. It is a non-profit organization.
  11. In October 2016, Facebook launched a paid social network for businesses, called Workspace by Facebook.

Due to this information, it will be very easy for you to understand the stock market performance of this security and the interest of investors in it.

Historical Evolution of the Price of Facebook Shares

Since a few years have passed since Facebook’s first listing on the Nasdaq market, we can get an idea of ​​its long-term evolution capabilities. The historical technical analysis of these stocks from 2013 to today is interesting because it shows, first of all, strong volatility and strong movements of these stocks.

When introduced in the bag, an overvalued he expected caused a slight decline in prices in the first hours after the first quotation of the title. However, since then we can see that Facebook shares have been able to recover many lost points. It did indeed hit an all-time low of $ 18.08 in August 2012, but since then it has almost always been on the upside, to the point of ever approaching the psychological threshold of $ 150.

We also observe numerous upward or downward micro-movements throughout the bottom trend, representing various profit opportunities thanks to a short- to medium-term trading strategy with CFDs. That’s it for Facebook Stock Today.

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