MyUS Address – How MyUS Works and its Addresses

MyUS is a company that enables people to shop from US websites and get their items shipped worldwide. MyUS is one of the largest and oldest shipping forwarders in the United States and is 100% safe to use. Their tax-free shipping warehouse is located in Florida and they have a great reputation for customer service, reliability, and great packaging.

MyUS Address

The company offers fast and reliable shipping, great customer service, free package consolidation, and repackaging. It also ships purchased items to customers in most countries around the globe. However, the company also has a few downsides such as if customers need more than one package shipped then they must sign up for a plan with monthly fees. It offers only five days of free storage with the lowest level plan.

MyUS Address

MyUS was initially conceived as a means for expatriates to receive US catalogs and mail overseas. Fast forward 20 years, it now has over five million members in two hundred and twenty countries and territories. MyUS offers Premium, Single Package, and Business membership options. It also has an app that customers can download for quicker access.

How MyUS Works

  1. Sign up online and receive a US shipping address
  2. Shop from US stores (sales tax-free!) and check out using the MyUS address
  3. Purchases arrive at the MyUS address and then are delivered straight to your doorstep.

The MyUS warehouse is located in Sarasota, Florida. Transit times from the MyUS facility to Qatar vary from 3 – 4 business days (express) to 5 – 10 business days (economy). You can choose which carrier you prefer – DHL, UPS, or USPS and how fast you would like to receive your packages in Qatar (regular or expedited shipping). MyUS then secures your discounted international shipping rates, efficiently repacks your purchases to save on shipping charges, and reships your purchases to your home in Qatar.

Online shoppers from Nigeria now have more reason to smile as they shop on United States retail stores using this recommended US agent MyUS as their shipping partner. Nigerians can now buy anything they want on sites like Amazon or eBay and only pay for shipping based on just the shipping weight of the item.

More on How MyUS Works

It should be of note that it used to be a bit harder trying to estimate your shipping cost. When trying to ship items with MyUS to Nigeria but now it has become a little easier with their True Price shipping rates. You only have to pay for the shipping weight of your package and nothing more.

In the past, the cost of shipping items to Nigeria from MyUS used to be calculated based on both the shipping weight. As well as the dimensional size, and that sort of increased shipping costs. For online buyers who were buying things with a larger dimensional size or heavier shipping weight. Currently, however, MyUS is just offering a flat shipping rate for the items you want to get delivered to Nigeria based on just the shipping weight and nothing more.

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