You Can Now Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Do you know that you can now customize your Samsung galaxy z flip 3 if you own one? Yes, this is true and more so because the company wants you to add a personal touch to the device. In the company’s unpacked 2 event, Samsung told users to prepare to “unfold something unmistakably you.

You Can Now Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

You Can Now Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

During Samsung’s event, the company gave users a sneak peek into what to expect. Starting on Wednesday, the galaxy z flip 3 will be available for custom designs. In the US, people with the galaxy z flip 3 devices will be able to design the galaxy z flip Bespoke device via the bespoke studio. Whatever color you fancy, you can get it via Samsung’s bespoke studio.

Color Combinations to Try With The Galaxy Z Flip 3

The company says users will have the option of black or silver frame options and also five colorways for both the front and back. Some of the colors include new hues like yellow and blue and older colors like pink, black and white. There will be 49 possible color combinations in total.

If you wish to now customize your Samsung Z flip phone with the seasons you can now do so. Samsung is now offering what is known as the bespoke upgrade care to its users for the galaxy flip 3 bespoke edition. With this, you can now easily change the color of your device to keep up with your style that’s constantly evolving.

How to Get the Customization Feature

The bespoke experience by Samsung was only exclusively available for smart home products. But the company, however, expanded the feature in response to “customer demand for personalization”. The bespoke edition will start at $1,100 with 12 months of Samsung care plus protection. Users can also save $600 in the process via trade-in credit towards a galaxy flip3 bespoke edition.

In other news from mixing and matching the colors of your galaxy z flip 3 devices; the Samsung Company also unveiled the Maison Kitsune editions of their galaxy buds 2 and galaxy watch 4. Both devices will feature the Japanese-French fashion-meets-music collective signature for their emblems.


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