Xbox Series X Gets Three Official New Wraps 

Xbox Series X gets three official new wraps including a Starfield wrap. These three new wraps in question are a great medium to easily customize your console without having to purchase a very pricy limited edition unit.

Xbox Series X Official New Wraps 

Xbox Series X Official New Wraps 

Microsoft is reportedly leaning into all the hype surrounding Starfield simply by bringing new wraps for Xbox Series X consoles that enable gamers to add some customization, the company on Monday stated.

The wraps in question, which retail for between $45 and $50 just so you know, helps deliver “an option that’s more affordable and more sustainable than purchasing a special edition or limited edition console,” Microsoft in a statement stated. And very much unlike a vinyl skin, these wraps in question seem to be made of a thicker material and also don’t sit nearly as flush as a sticker would do on the gaming console.

The wraps as you should know will also be available in Arctic camo as well as mineral camo colorways. Already for Starfield, Microsoft has released a limited edition wireless controller as well as a headset, and both of which are already sold out.

The Starfield edition wrap in question will launch on Oct. 18, with the camo versions, on the other hand, following on Nov. 10. And just in case you don’t know, you can preorder them now.

Other Console Manufacturers to Follow the Same Pattern

Microsoft is not the first console manufacturer to offer gamers several ways and mediums to customize their consoles. Sony in the early parts of the previous year released PS5 console covers in a host of different colors. Limited covers released include a Spider-Man 2 variant as well as a LeBron James edition.

And while Sony has not provided details on the exact numbers of how well its console covers have sold, considering the fact that the company has sold more than 40 million PS5 units, accessory sales on the other hand are very much likely an important factor in the overall earnings of PlayStation. It however is not surprising that Microsoft is offering its fans similar customization options with these new releases.

Details of the Xbox Series X Console Wrap

And just because the Xbox Series X console wrap isn’t a sticker, it can so easily be folded around your console and then removed. Microsoft has stated that the exterior is wrapped in microfiber and so has a “soft smooth white high-tech feel” that is secured “with a hook and loop enclosure.”



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