Xbox Game Pass to Receive Big Games this November

Xbox Game Pass to Receive Big Games this November. Already, we had this tingling feeling that November would be a big month for Xbox Game Pass, and now Microsoft has confirmed it by sharing the new arrivals for the first two weeks of the month.

Xbox Game Pass to Receive Big Games this November

For a lot of people, the main draw in the first half of November would be Forza Horizon 5, The latest first-party game from Microsoft Games Studios. However, there are still lots of big additions to be looking forward to from Microsoft game studios. However, there would still be lots of additions to look forward to aside from Forza Horizon 5.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

The new arrival has been set to begin tomorrow, with the additions of Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on the PC version of Game Pass. There happen to be some major differences between the two versions, with the biggest one being that the Java edition allows for the mod and modded servers. Days, before Microsoft purchases Mojang and unified the Minecraft experience across various Platforms with the Bedrock Edition, the java edition that is available on PC, was all that we had.

While playing with some interesting Mods is fun and cool, it is noted that Minecraft: Java Edition players only get to play with other java Edition Players. What this means is that all those that want to a cross-platform play with mods or on modded servers, pick the Java Edition, but if you want cross-platform multiplayer, the bedrock Edition is the version for you.

Xbox Game Pass Launch on Cloud

Today we would be seeing the unpacking launch on the cloud, console, and PC version of Xbox Game Pass. Unpacking a day-one release for Xbox Game pass, is a puzzle game that you would be required to unpack boxes and design new spaces on moving day.

It Takes Two

On the 4th of November, we would be receiving two more additions to the Xbox Game Pass lineup: It takes two (cloud, console, and PC) via EA Play and kill it with fire (cloud, console, and PC). It takes two happens to be the major star here, with its co-op multiplayer storyline that involves two parents who try to fix struggling marriage just immediately after transforming right into a doll. It’s a really great co-op game from Hazelight and should be a priority when it finally lands on Xbox Game Pass later this month.

Football Manager 2022

If there is one major “big day” for Xbox Game pass in the very first half of November, it’s November 9th. On that day, we would first see the Football manager 2022 (PC), Football manager 2022: Xbox Edition (Cloud, console, and PC), and Forza Horizon 5 (cloud, console, and PC) join.

The football manager does not really need that much introduction, but its worth pointing out that the Xbox Edition will feature Xbox touch controls through cloud Gaming, meaning you don’t require to have some controllers to your Phone to be able to play it.

Forza Horizon 5

The big Star of the month coming to Xbox game Pass is Forza Horizon 5 and this time around, we would be heading straight to Mexico. Lots of gameplay from Forza Horizon 5 have been seen lately of Horizon 5, and it seems to be another solid entry in the series.

If you happen to be looking to get particularly excited, make sure to check out the entire Map for Forza Horizon 5, which is completely free of any icons so you would be able to have access to all the roads, highways, and even trails you’ll be able to drive.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

While November 9th might just be a major day for an Xbox Game pass, November 11th certainly gives it a run for its money. On that day, we would get to see Grand Theft Auto: San Andres  – the definitive Edition (console) and One Step from Eden (console and PC) join Xbox Game pass. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: the Definitive Edition is One part of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – the Definitive Edition is one part of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is one Part of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, offering players a taste of the remade PS2-era GTA games.

One Step from Eden, on the Other hand, is an indie deck-building Strategy game that would take inspiration from titles like slay spire and mega man battle network.

It happens to be one of the higher-profile indie games in recent memory, and it happens to be worth the bandwidth for anyone that is looking to take on the very popular roguelike genre.

Games Leaving The Xbox Game Pass

With some new round of addition comes a new round of departures, and on November 15th, it’ll comprise Final Fantasy VIII HD (console and PC), street of Rogue (cloud, console, and PC), The Gardens Between (cloud, console, and PC), and River city girls (cloud, console, and PC). Those are some major titles, and if you happen to be currently playing any of them, you would want to finish up before the 15th rolls around.


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