www.mybkexperience.com Customer Feedback Survey – Burger King Customer Satisfaction Survey

Welcome back guys today we have another article about surveys that we would seriously love to let you know about. Today’s article is about the www.mybkexperience.com survey program so many of us already know about it but not all of us. MyBKexperience simply means burger king experience survey which is the customer satisfaction survey program.


mybkexperience survey is for all customers that enjoy the burger king services to have the opportunity to make improvements for what they like to see in the company. It is an online customer satisfaction feedback program designed by Burger King. All customers that have recently used the burger king service can participate on this survey and win a prize for themself.


Burger king wants to know about your experience when using their services so that they can make the necessary improvements and better satisfy their customers. It is a solvent that can be taken in the website www mybkexperience to get customers feedback to improve their quality of service. As one of the largest burger companies in the US the company cares about its customers satisfaction.

Everybody is entitled to a good experience when visiting the burger king website and this is why the company is coming out with this survey. Everyone can participate in this survey and earn rewards which we will talk about in a moment. Whether you have had a good or bad experience shopping with this company it is time to put it into writing by taking the survey.

MyBKexperience Survey

We have established that the MyBKExperience survey is also known as the Burger King Experience (www.mybkexperience.com). Which is a customer satisfactory survey which gives customers the power and opportunity to narrate the experience of the company as they see fit. Customers will be allowed to express their opinion about various services that the company offers.

So that all the opinions and review of their customers would be taken into account by the company to better satisfy their customers and improve their services. The survey will only take a few seconds to complete and for that you stand a chance to win a free reward.

MyBKExperience Survey Rules

Now that you have known that there is an ongoing survey for the burger king chain of restaurants company, the next step is to participate. However before you go ahead and start the survey there are certain rules and regulations that you need to know about. You need all the necessary information to start the survey and they are listed below:

  1. Must be above 18 years old.
  2. Must be living in the USA.
  3. You must not be a BK Employee.
  4. Burger King order receipt.
  5. One receipt is vailid for one survey only.

MyBKExperience survey requirements

Not only do you have to follow the rules and regulations of the survey there are certain requirements that you need in order to take part in it. Below is a list of all the requirements you will need to participate in the burger king survey program:

  • A mobile or a computer device.
  • You need a recent burger king receipts.
  • A browser and internet connection.
  • Basic understanding of English language.

Above are the necessary requirements you need in order to access the burger king experience customer satisfactory survey. Next, let’s talk about rewards, and finally, so you have to participate in the survey.

MyBKExperience rewards

The burger king experience survey has one of the best rewards for any survey that I have seen. They do not offer only one reward they offer up to three different rewards to all customers that participate in the survey. After completing the My BK Experience Customer Feedback Survey, burger king with simply reward you with coupons that you can use to redeem any of the below items:

  • Original chicken sandwich.
  • Free Whopper Burger or Whopper Sandwich.
  • Original Chicken Sandwich.

Steps to Participate in Burger King Customer Satisfaction Survey

Now we have come to the main concentration of the article today. It is time to learn how you will be able to take the my BK experience survey today. To take this away all the procedures are properly listed below all you need to do is follow them:

  • First and foremost launch any browser on your mobile or computer device.
  • Now head over to the burger king survey website: https://www.mybkexperience.com/.
  • The next step is to choose your language.
  • Enter restaurant number which is in your burger king receipt.
  • Also enter the unique survey code or the transaction ID that is located in your receipt.
  • After that click on start serving.
  • Answer all the questions required of you.
  • Fill in your contact details.
  • Click on submit.

Remember you need to answer all the questions according to how you have experienced the burger king service. Once you are done you can now click on the submit button to submit your survey.

My BK experience question and answer

How Do I Redeem A Whopper From A Free Survey?

To redeem a whopper, you must take a customer satisfaction survey using the burger king my BK experience websites. This is because burger king is offering thier customers a chance to earn reward by giving them feedback on their services. All you need is to have a recent burger king receipt.

What Is Burger King Survey Code?

The burger king survey code is the code that you will use to enter into the burger king customer satisfactory survey program. It is a 16 digit code that is printed in the front or back of your burger king receipt without which you cannot enter the survey. To participate in the survey and earn a free reward customers need that code which can only be found on your receipt

Does Burger King Have A Survey?

Yes burger king has a survey it is called the my BK experience customer satisfaction survey. Everybody that is eligible and have purchased a burger king product before with a received can enter the survey and win a reward. All you have to do is visit the website enter your survey code and answer questions to win rewards.



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