World Literacy Awards 2023: Nomination Call

Nominate an individual for the council of the federation literacy awards (World Literacy Awards 2023). The World Literacy Awards is an annual program of the World Literacy Foundation, it is aimed at recognizing individuals and organizations for their outstanding endeavors that promote literacy learning. Applications for awards will close on December 16th, 2022.

World Literacy Awards

The World Literacy Foundation is a global non-profit organization that works to ensure every young individual has the opportunity to acquire literacy and reading skills to attain their full potential.

Categories for the Awards

  • Contribution to literacy by an Organization: An organization’s contribution to Literacy is awarded for it to continue to operate and provide a cutting-edge difference in literacy.
  • Contribution to literacy by an individual: Individual award for their outstanding efforts to improve literacy
  • Contribution to Literacy by a Youth: This award is given to Recognize the efforts and actions of a young person to reduce illiteracy.
  • Academic Research Recognition Awards: The Academic Research Recognition Awards are Presented to an individual with an outstanding contribution not only in literature but in their intellectual work on writing and research (Identification of Academic Research papers or studies)
  • Government, State, Province, City Recognition Award: This category is Awarded to a government entity for its outstanding Government policies and improvements in literacy and education.

Details of World Literacy Awards 2023

  • Type: Awards
  • Organization: World Literary Foundation
  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Application Deadline: December 16, 2022

About World Literary Foundation

The World Literacy Foundation (WLF) was founded in 2003, in Melbourne, Australia.

The foundation is a global not-for-profit that works to lift young people out of poverty through literacy, it also operates on the principle that education is a basic human right.

World Literacy Foundation seeks to eradicate global illiteracy through the promotion of literacy and the provision of educational resources, working to get communities involved and raise awareness of the importance of literacy.

How to Apply for the World Literacy Awards 2023?

Eligibility Criteria for World Literacy Awards Qualification

  • Organizations must be seen as Contributing to Literacy
  • The ideal organization must be within the following categories: Non-Profit, For-Profit, NGO, Corporation, or private company to qualify.
  • Ideal candidates must not be associated with any organization qualified.
  • To be considered, the candidate must be under 21 years of age

Application Deadline

December 16, 2022.

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