Windows 11 Reportedly Transforms Into a Chromebook Killer

Windows 11 reportedly transforms into a Chromebook killer all thanks to Tiny11. Tiny11 as you should know can easily get by on a tiny amount of RAM, but there are however some conditions.

Windows 11 Reportedly Transforms Into a Chromebook Killer

Windows 11 Reportedly Transforms Into a Chromebook Killer

Tiny11 is once again the talk of the computing industry, with this really stripped-back version of Windows 11 having been previously seen running on a literally small amount of system RAM.

In the event that you missed the launch of the release version of Tiny11, this is a windows installation that of course still requires a valid license with tons of load of the bloat taken away, with way lower hardware requirements than the complete official version of windows 11.

The Specs for Tiny11

And right now, the specs for Tiny11 calls for 2GB of system RAM rather than the 4GB for the complete version. But just as highlighted by Neowin, the operating system can eventually run with way less memory than that, just 196MB which as you should know is a fifth of a Gigabyte or just under.

A Regular Twitter Leaker Achieved This Development

A regular Twitter leaker known as @XenoPanther who at most times shares Windows bits and pieces achieved this very feat, but with some serious conditions though.

Conditions Necessary for This Feat

And of course, with that very amount of memory, Tiny11 did not get up to speed that easily, experiencing some 30 minutes of crashing just before getting to the desktop. And once at the desktop, getting to open Task Manager took 15 minutes which is clearly ridiculous.


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