Visa-Sponsored Travel Nursing Jobs In USA – APPLY NOW!

Visa-Sponsored Travel Nursing Jobs – In the medical industry in the U.S.A., foreign-trained nurses have become more desirable than ever.

Visa-Sponsored Travel Nursing Jobs

If you wish to work in the U.S.A. as a registered nurse, hurry and take hold of this opportunity. Currently, the U.S. nursing shortage continues to impact staffing in the medical industry.

Visa-Sponsored Travel Nursing Jobs

This article contains all you need to about visa-sponsored nursing jobs. You need a green card to travel out to become a registered nurse.

A lot of people are scared of applying for visa-sponsored work. But you don’t have to worry as Worldwide Health Staff Solutions makes job placement and relocation both easy and achievable.

Who is a Nurse?

A nurse is a professional healthcare, who provides and directs safe, effective, and care for adolescents through aging adult patients with respiratory health problems.

However, the primary duty of a nurse is to care for the sick or infirm. Nurses work with doctors and other healthcare workers to make patients fit and healthy.

How to Become a Nurse

Before you can become a registered nurse in the USA, there are some things you need to put in place. Below are some of them:

  • You need to earn a degree from an accredited institution to become a registered nurse.
  • The second step is to pass the National council licensure examination for registered nurses (NCLEX)
  • The third is to obtain state licensure once you have successfully passed the exam
  • you seek advanced training. You will officially be a registered nurse once you have received your state license.

Duties/Responsibility of Nursing

A nurse plays an important role within the healthcare community. Below are some of their duties and responsibilities as a nurse:

  • Nurses observe patients and conduct assessments
  • They record patient medical info and symptoms
  • They collect blood, urine, stool, and other samples for lab test
  • Educate patients and their families throughout the course of treatment.
  • They create patient care plans with the broader medical team
  • They help update patient files as appropriate
  • They perfume care of woods
  • They also monitor a person’s health

However, there are many more duties and roles for a nurse, but the few listed above are the common roles that must be done in the hospital.

Requirements For Nursing Job

To become a nurse, you must first complete educational requirements.

  • Degree from an accredited school of nursing
  • Aspiring RNs must earn a minimum of an associate degree in nursing (ADN) or equivalent training.
  • Advanced nursing roles, such as APRN, require a graduate degree in nursing.
  • 1-3 years of work experience
  • The ability to communicate well in English
  • Demonstrate the competency to practice as a registered nurse.

These are the general requirement needed to work as a nurse.

Benefits Of Nursing job

The World Health Organization predicts that an additional nine million nurses and midwives will be needed by 2030. Here are the benefits of a nursing job:

  • International Employment
  • It is a respected career Professional development
  • Personally, rewarding in saving lives daily
  • Job security
  • Nursing offers flexibility as work is often organized into shifts
  • Healthcare is always evolving and adapting to new tech & discoveries
  • Lead to a greater chance of learning and development
  • Good salary.

Where To Find Nurse Job with Visa Sponsorship

The best way to search for a nursing Job in the USA with Visa Sponsorship is online. To get a USA job online, you have to make use of high-authority job listings and job search websites. Some of these websites are;

  • Indeed. com

How to Apply for Visa Sponsorship Travel Nursing Jobs

You must pass through some process before you can apply for a nursing job with visa sponsorship. Below are steps below to guide you through the job application process:

  • Get ready your documents and get your smartphone with a good network
  • Go to any of the websites listed above ( or indeed).
  • On the search bar type in the region where you want to work
  • Search for a nursing job with a visa sponsorship
  • Apply to the Nursing Regulatory body of the province where you want to work.
  • You need to register with Canadian Council for Practical Nurse Regulators (CCPNR).
  • Write the Canadian Registered Nurses Examination (CRNE). This applies to some provinces within the country.

When the registration is completed, you can proceed to apply for nursing Job vacancies in Canada. To get access to available nursing jobs in Canada, you can make use of the job search tool on

Common themes for nursing interview questions

Nursing interview questions frequently center on the following topics because nurses look after patients, provide continuity of care, and communicate with many members of a patient’s interdisciplinary team:

  • Patient care
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability

Interview Question for Nursing Job

Once your application is accepted, you will be asked to come for an interview question. Below are some common interview questions:

  • Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a demanding or disgruntled patient or relative.
  • Without using a lot of medical or healthcare jargon, how can you describe medications, treatments, or healthcare scenarios?
  • Give an example of a moment when a patient was incredibly pleased with your treatment or when you went above and beyond for a patient.
  • Describe a time when you had to collaborate with a challenging teammate. What exactly was the issue, and how did you fix it?
  • Give an example of a time when you worked well with others.
  • Do you feel at ease conversing with other healthcare professionals? Describe an instance when you had a disagreed healthcare team member.
  • What to do when you are unable to provide a patient with the information they need
  • How do you handle changes to your assignment, the unit, the schedule, etc.?
  • What do you like most about being a nurse?
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why are you leaving your current position?

Salary Of Nursing Job

How much is a nurse paid in the US per month?

As of Jan 26, 2023, the average monthly payment for a Nurse in the United States is $5,090 a month. However, Registered Nurses made a median salary of $77,600 in 2021. The best-paid 25% made $97,580 that year, while the lowest-paid 25% made $61,790. So, this year’s salary

Visa Required

You will need a Registered Nurse Immigrant Visa (“Green Card”) or H-1B visa. Besides that, you will need to meet the following requirements. So, the visa required for a visa sponsor travel nursing job is:

  • Green card
  • H-1B Visa

Requirement For Visa

Complete a screening program before you can obtain an occupational VISA.

  • Validated credentials by the CGFNS as approved by the U.S. government.
  • You will need a U.S based employer that will serve as the Petitioner for your VISA.

However, your Visa screen certificate must be included on every green card or visa petition that is filled on your behalf.

Where to Work as a Nurse

Where can I work as a nurse? There are different places to work as a nurse aside from hospital, below are the  top places to work:

  • Physicians’ offices
  • Hospital
  • Emergency rooms
  • Secondary schools
  • Birthing Centers
  • Public health clinics
  • Law Firms
  • Home and Healthcare

However, each of the places you can work has different duties. So, you can make research on where you could love to work.


Am I Qualified to Be a Nurse in the U.S.?

If you can pass the NCLEX RN exam, you can qualify for employment. The exam is made to test your skills as a registered nurse. However, you will also need to understand how your certifications and education compare to American standards.

Why Do I Need a Nursing Staffing Agency?

You need a nursing staffing agency because they help find the job. However, they are responsible for providing nurse replacements to hospitals that have trouble filling temporary or permanent placements.

Can I immigrate to the USA as a nurse?

Yes, you can but you will need to get a registered nurse immigrant visa known as green care or H-1B visa. However, U.S. law required nurses to complete a screening program before they can receive an occupational visa.

What jobs can RNs do?

RNs can find a variety of fulfilling job openings in the healthcare industry. For instance, those looking for work in a hectic setting where they may save lives can become emergency room nurses. Others, like nurse midwives or correctional nurses, focus on treating certain populations.

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