Why PS5 Controller Joysticks Drift and How to Fix It

Why PS5 Controller Joysticks Drift and How to Fix It would be explained below. Unfortunately, joystick drift is a common occurrence among All the top gaming consoles available on the market. For example, Nintendo is quite famous for the Joystick drift with its line of switch controllers.

Why PS5 Controller Joysticks Drift and How to Fix It

While this problem is an inevitable issue that plagues both Sony and Nintendo, there are methods that you can handle yourself to solve the issue if you ever experience it. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward way to tell ahead of time if your controller would eventually get plague with drift issues but there are some steps to follow to try and prevent it.

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Why PS5 Controller Joysticks Drift and How to Fix It

The deal with the joystick drift is that it is not something guaranteed to affect any of your controllers and there is seemingly no rhyme or reason to it. Some controllers with time develop the drift issues within the first year of ownership, and other controllers would never be faced with the issue. Drift is quite commonly a hardware issue, but sometimes it’s results from a firmware bug that might be solved by updating your controller.

It might be that the issue may be entirely eliminated by the controller design refinements, but until that fabled day arrives, Sony’s solution might be similar to that of Nintendo: continue replacing faulty controllers till the next generation DualSense arrives.

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What Causes Controller Joystick Drift

A major reason why the joystick drift happens is mainly that the current controller design allows dirt, grime, and dust to get into the tiny space that connects the joystick and the controller.

The Joysticks that are on the DualSense controller have a small gap to allow for smooth motion and that gap is large enough that smaller dust particles can get right into the joystick assembly. If dust, crumbs, or something similar enters the sensor component called the potentiometer, it could cause the controller to register stick movement when none is happening.

What this means unfortunately is that there is no guaranteed way for you to stop the issue short of never making use of the joysticks on your controller. To most people, the cause is dust and debris, but that is not necessarily the case.

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Other Causes of Joystick Drift

After an investigation by iFixit, it was discovered that the major cause of drift issues originates from mechanical problems like wear and tear, which naturally happens with time when the controller is used. The team also detailed a potential permanent fix for the issue, offering gamers hope for a less frustrating future.

This issue is similar to an issue that plagued Apple’s butterfly keyboard design. the gap, even though it was small, was big enough that dust particles could get wedged between the keys causing some either to get stuck or register a double press when the user only pushed it once.

The two problems are the same, although with the DualSense controller, instead of involving keys getting stuck or double pressing, you would have to deal with phantom joystick movement.

How to Fix Joystick Drift on your PS5 Controller

The steps involved in how to fix Joystick Drift on your PS5 Controller are stated as follows:

  • First, ensure that the controller is completed and up to date. Users are usually updated with any new controller updates when they first connect the DualSense. Make sure to install them.
  • Clean your controller. While staying away from any action that would cause your warranty to get void, trying to clean the analog sticks can help you fix the issues that could cause drift.
  • Restore the Analog Sticks: you can pop out the analog sticks gently by lifting them a bit from their default position. Give them a wiggle and then pop them back in to see if it fixes the issue.
  • Make use of deadzone functions in certain games: by configuring the deadzone, users would be allowed to choose how sensitive the analog sticks are. Make them less sensitive to avoid drifting issues.
  • Reset the controller and reconnect it to your PS5: you can make use of a paperclip or pin to press the button that is located on the back of the controller. Press it on for about 10 seconds.

If after trying out all the steps above, the controller fails to work just fine, then contact PlayStation Support for more help or you can replace the controller.

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