Why Does my iPad Keep Crashing? – How to Fix It

Why Does my iPad Keep Crashing? If your iPad crashes, it might be because of a particular app, or maybe a much wider issue with the iPad hardware itself. also, you can try out plenty of fixes that are easy for you to complete on your own, and I would be listing all of them below:

Why Does my iPad Keep Crashing?

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Why Does my iPad Keep Crashing?

There are tons of reasons why it could be shutting down by itself:

  • You might be experience overload or hiccup
  • Drained or low battery
  • iPadOS is outdated and full of bugs
  • A recent OS update is affecting your tablet Adversely
  • There is little free storage space
  • You are making use of a jail-broken iPad
  • Hardware or Ram failure
  • The Hardware is already outdated to run your apps.

How Do I Fix My Crashing iPad?

Some of the steps that I would be covering below fix some particular aspects of the issue but feel free to test them out on your iPad. The steps include:

Reboot your iPad

The first step to handling a crashing iPad is to reboot the iPad. This might help clear out any issue that causes the crashes. This step is quite simple, and it tends to get the problem fixed when the cause of the crashing is not clear.

Plug the iPad

Plug your iPad and let it rest for a few hours. By doing this, you would be giving the battery enough time to juice up, thus isolating low battery as the cause of the problem, that is if it is actually the cause.

If your iPad starts acting strange like if it is slow or apps now tend to close down unprompted, it could be because of a low battery.

Check Your Storage

make sure to check just how many amounts of storage space you have left, uninstall any unused apps, or temporarily remove apps that are taking up tons of space. Your iPad crashing might be because of a lack of storage space.

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Install any Available iPadOS Update

Make sure to do this if the most recent update that you have installed is the likely cause of the crashes, especially if the update has been released for a long time but you have not yet applied it.

It is quite crucial for you to update your iPad’s operating system whenever you can. New updates usually apply bug fixes that could get the problem fixed.

Downgrade to Previous iPadOS Version

If the version you are making use of now is the latest version available, but you still suspect that it could be the cause of the crashes, try downgrading the iPad to the previous OS.

The step might seem like a useless step to have right after we recommend upgrading the OS. However, testing the latest OS happens to be one of the best before assuming a previous version is better. As long as the last step has been completed, and you are caught up with all the updates available from Apple if you think the software is the cause, downgrade to the most recent version that you know works very well on your iPad.

Completely Reset Your iPad

By doing this, you would be erasing everything that is stored on it, hopefully, this includes whatever is causing it to crash. Although the process might be an irreversible, drastic step, it’s the final step you can take to solve a software-related reason for an iPad that keeps shutting down by itself.

If you cannot follow those steps because it shuts down too soon, you can try resetting the iPad with iTunes.

iPad Hardware Requirements

Your iPad’s hardware might not actually meet the minimum requirements to run whatever it is that you are trying to do. Try to check the hardware requirements for the apps causing trouble quit using them or consider upgrading to a much newer iPad with better hardware components.

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Why Does my iPad Keep Crashing on Websites

If websites you access using safari keep on crashing your iPad, then try clearing Safari history and website data. “Tap Settings” > “Safari” > “clear history and website data”. Also, you should restart the iPad and check if this would get the issue cleared.

How Do I Check Battery Health on iPad?

Make sure that your iPad is selected in the device pane on the left, and then click on the battery icon located in the lower right corner. On the pop-up window, you would see details concerning the iPad’s battery health, which includes the maximum charge it can reach compared to when the iPad was new.

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