How to Fix Wi-Fi Authentication Problems on Android

If you are interested in How to Fix Wi-Fi Authentication Problems on Android then this article would guide you properly. If the Wi-Fi Settings screen on your Android phone or tablet says that there would be an authentication issue, you would not be able to reach the internet properly. Below I would be stating things for you to try out in other to get this issue fixed and get back online.

How to Fix Wi-Fi Authentication Problems on Android

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Why Am I Getting an Authentication Failed Error?

At the moment, there is no particular reason for the issue, but below I would be highlighting some ideas that you can look into. They include:

  • You are entering the wrong password
  • There is a glitch or failure on your phone or network hardware
  • Network settings are corrupt
  • Your mobile phone is experiencing issues with the frequency band

How Do I Fix a Wi-Fi Authentication Error?

Below I would be stating everything that you need to try out. We have gathered all of the best solutions from the huge variety of users that have faced the error. Make sure to try out everything in this list in the order that we have arranged because we would be starting from easiest to hardest.

Turn Airplane Mode on and Then Off Again

By toggling the airplane mode feature on and off, would essentially reboot the wireless radios and forcibly attempt to create a new connection to the Wi-Fi network.

If your phone network is working correctly, with this procedure, the issues should be fixed, that is if you did not make any changes to your password.

Restart your Phone

Restarting your Phone is a very easy thing for you to do, and often fixes problems like this one. So, make sure to try this out before trying out other methods on this list.

Forget the WIFI Network

you are expected to forget your Wi-Fi network from the saved networks. You can do this by accessing the Wi-Fi settings, then opening the gear/settings icon next to the network that is displaying the error, and choosing to Forget.

Immediately after doing that, enter your password again to reconnect your Wi-Fi manually.

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Reset your Phone’s Network

A reset of network settings deletes all the network-related information, including all your saved Wi-Fi networks and other related data.

The aim here is to reset as possible without deleting any of your personal files. Do this via settings > System > Reset Options > Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile and Bluetooth. You would be required to connect to the network again once you have carried out this step.

Troubleshoot This as a Slow Internet Connection

Things like bandwidth overload and signal interference might be at play and cause the authentication issue.

Restart the Network Hardware

You might not have the authority to do this if you are making use of a public network, but make every attempt that can to complete this step.

Right after addressing the password and Phone itself, there’s not a lot left to blame for the authentication issue aside from the router. This is especially true if you can get on Wi-Fi just fine on other networks, and this specific network is the only exception.

Check How Many Devices are Running on the network at One

Although it is unlikely, especially on a home network, to reach the maximum number of devices supported by the router, this could be why your device is showing an authentication error.

Reset the Network Hardware

This would delete all the customizations made to the router since it was first initially set up. After completing this process, you would need to create the Wi-Fi network again, and then reconnect your phone to it.

Check for Android OS Updates

This method is more of a stretch compared to the rest, but there might be an update you have yet to apply which would fix this particular issue. You really should try out this step.

Contact your Device manufacturer

Try contacting your device manufacturer contact the network administrator, and/or the ISP that is delivering the internet.

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Why Won’t My Android Connect to Wi-Fi?

If your Android device cannot connect to Wi-Fi, your device software or hardware could be a malfunction, your Wi-Fi network could be having issues, or you’re far away from the router.

Why does my Wi-Fi Keep dropping?

If you’re the connection of your Wi-fi keeps dropping, it could be due to an overloaded network, interference from other Wi-Fi signals, or the router being out of range. Confirm if your device is connected to the right Wi-Fi network.

How do I Fix it when There’s no Internet Connection?

if you are experiencing no internet issue and you have Wi-Fi, the problem usually lies in your devices rather than your internet service provider. Try restarting your router and modem. If you still do not have internet after restarting, you can try troubleshooting it.

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