What to Wear to An Interview as A Man

You can get all the tips you need on What to Wear to An Interview as A Man. One of the best practices for interviews is to look at the part as best as you can. Want to know How to Dress for An Interview?

What to Wear to An Interview as A Man

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What to Wear To An Interview as A Man

It could be very difficult to find the right clothes to wear to an interview. So many questions come to heart “what if I don’t look good enough? What if I do not look confident enough? What if I am overdressed?”

To avoid all these questions, take a look at our guide below to help you with the best practices as regards this.

What to Wear For An Interview Male 2022

The list below contains some things you must have in your professional wardrobe as a man;

Button-Down Shirts with Dark Trousers

This is a must-have for all males. When choosing a button-down shirt, pick only subtle solid colors or prints. These shirts can be paired with navy or grey trousers and then add a matching tie for a more professional look.

You can use bolder colors or prints If you are going to be interviewed at an organization with a more casual dress code. In such casual environments, you may not need to wear a tie, and your choice of button-down can help show how unique you are personally.

Button-Down Shirt With A Sweater

No one can underestimate how a well-fitted sweater can make you look professional. This dress code can even pass in for a suit and tie. Choose neutral or darker colors such as grey, black, or brown that can easily pair with other colors.

Textured Blazer

If you want to have a sophisticated outfit, you can pair your button-down shirt and trousers with a very good textured blazer. These blazers can be found in neutral colors. If the office you are interviewing at is more formal, you can consider adding a tie to this outfit.

Navy Blue Blazer

If you do not have a black jacket, you can use a navy blazer as an alternative. It is a versatile piece to have in your professional wardrobe. A good combination here is a navy-blue blazer with matching navy trousers or khaki trousers. If you are going for a formal interview, you can pair this “arsenal” with a tie for a more professional appearance.

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Light-colored Suit

A khaki or light-colored suit jacket with matching pants is a very good professional outfit. This can pass in for a very casual option rather than strictly formal. This option could be nice when you feel unsure about the dress code because it is more advisable to go with formal than casual dressing for an interview.

You can even make it more formal by adding a tie to the combination.


Although your interviewers may not see your socks, it is very professional to wear socks for an interview. A very good matching sock is an essential component of your professional or formal dressing.

A good example is wearing black socks with black pants. You can also choose solid-colored styles or those with subtle prints or designs, such as striped or chequered socks.

Polo shirt

During very warm weather conditions, it is very advisable to wear this for an organization with casual dressing styles. You can pair this with black or khaki trousers to make your appearance more professional. You can also make this combination more sophisticated by adding a sweater.


A tie is more like the additional, ‘professional salt’ to your corporate dress code. If you are attending an interview in a formal company, using a conservative tie is best. Traditional ties are always striped or have a chequered pattern.

Other clothing you should add to your professional wardrobe is Closed-toed shoes, Belts, etc.

Tips For Men on What to Wear to An Interview

Maybe you are not ‘fashion savvy’ or you are not ‘fashion inclined’ or you simply do not know what to wear to your interview. Our tips below will be of great help to you.

  • Before going to that interview, know the dress code of that company
  • There is no need to over-impress, choose just a few basic clothing items
  • Make sure you try your outfit before the interview
  • Keep your outfit very simple
  • Be mindful of your accessories

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Best Color to Wear to An Interview Male

What are the best colors to wear for an interview and what shouldn’t you wear? Take a look at our brief suggestions below;

The best colors to wear for an interview are;

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Gray
  • White

The colors to avoid are;

  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Multi-colors
  • Red

Ideas For Corporate or Formal Business Setting Interview Attire

A summary of the dressing ideas for an interview in a formal business setting are;

  • Solid charcoal or navy-blue suit.
  • Dress shirt with barrel cuffs in white or blue
  • Wear a leather belt that matches your shoes
  • Wear a matching tie
  • Dark socks
  • Wear a conservative leather shoe that matches your belt.

Ideas For Smart Casual (Business Casual) Interview Attire

  • Navy blue or charcoal grey blazer
  • White button-down shirt with barrel cuffs
  • Dark denim jeans or khaki chinos that are well fitted and with a tailored look.
  • Leather shoes
  • You can also add a brown, or black sweater with a dress. Make sure the texture of the sweater is simple and clean.

What To Wear to An Interview If You Don’t Have Dress Clothes

If you do not have lots of corporate clothes, be creative with what you have but make sure you do not disobey the rules of the company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Important to Dress Appropriately for An Interview?

First impression matters, especially when your look determines your acceptance. During interviews, everything about you counts your looks, your behavior, your speech, etc.

You can use your looks alone to sell yourself to your prospective employer. Dressing appropriately will make you appear professional, comfortable, and confident in front of your interviewer.

Is it OK if I wear jeans to an interview?

It is not a ‘no-no’, but jeans are generally not appropriate interview attire, even if you’re a student, you’re applying for a part-time job or hourly wage job, or you’re interviewing with a tech company.

What Color Should a Man Wear to A Job Interview?

As a man, it is advisable to wear neutral and generally accepting colors like

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Gray
  • White

What Shouldn’t Men Wear To An Interview?

Here is a list of things you should not wear to an interview;

  • shorts,
  • tie dye,
  • sales tags,
  • political buttons,
  • neon colors,
  • torn clothing,
  • wrinkled clothing,
  • too-tight clothing,
  • dirty clothing,
  • loud clothing

Is A Polo Shirt OK For an Interview?

If you must go with a polo, choose neutral colors, preferably dark, with simple patterns. It’s also an option to wear a casual dress that is paired with a cardigan. Try to avoid wearing a polo shirt even if you’re interviewing at a strictly corporate company.

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