How to Use Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons on PC

In this content, I would be giving you details on How to Use Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons on PC if you want to make use of this setup using an emulator or indie game of your choosing. Pairing joy-cons to PC is supported, and you can pair it to whichever version of windows you are using, but the drivers are even more functional on windows 10.

How to Use Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons on PC

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers

What the joy-cons are is actually two controllers used in concert. These two tiny controllers connect to the switch via Bluetooth, which means that it is also possible for you to connect the controllers to your PC.

You can make use of these controllers with the emulator or even play an indie game of your choice. Once you are done, you can choose to always connect your controllers back to your switch.

How to Use Joy-Cons on a Windows PC

To make use of Joy-Cons on a windows PC, first, you need to have Bluetooth connectivity. The Joy-Cons make use of Bluetooth to connect, so they won’t have any way to get it hooked up if your PC does not carry the functionality. If it does not, and you are really interested in using the Switch Joy-Cons on your PC, then you would be required to add a Bluetooth adapter first.

If your device has Bluetooth, then you would be given two options:

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Use Each Joy-Cons Individually

You would make use of each of the joy-con in the sideways configuration as a standalone wireless controller. This method is great for two-player action retro-style gaming.

Joy-Cons as One Controller

This would enable you to make use of the Joy-Cons together as a single controller, and it is great for playing modern games that would require you to make use of two analog sticks.

Here, we would be showing you how to connect your Joy-Cons to your PC using your Bluetooth, and then how to get them working with Betterjoy. In case you are just hearing about Betterjoy for the first time, well it is free software that you can get from GitHub that enables you to make use of your Joy-Vons either individually or as one controller.

How to Connect Joy-Cons to PC

Before deciding to start making use of the Joy-Cons on your Windows PC, first, you would need to get them connected. The easy process here involves you pairing each of the joy-cons with your PC via Bluetooth. Once you are done, you would be set to make use of the Betterjoy, or any alternative, set your Joy-Cons up to work with your PC games and emulators.

  • First, click on “start” and then head to “Settings” > “Devices” > Bluetooth, and, if the toggle is set to off (as pictured), click on the Bluetooth toggle to turn it back on.
  • Next, click on add Bluetooth or another device
  • After that, hold down the sync button right on your Joy-Con till the lights begin to flash
  • Click on “Bluetooth”
  • Click “Joy-Con (L)” or “Joy-Con (R)” when it finally appears on the Bluetooth devices menu.
  • Wait for the Joy-Con to be connected, and then repeat this process if you also want the other one paired.

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How to Use Your Joy-Cons as Controllers on PC

Once your Joy-Cons have successfully connected your Joy-Cons to your PC, you would be offering some method for the PC to understand the input coming from each of the controllers. There are several solutions to get this problem solved, but we would be showing you just how to get things working fine with Betterjoy. This method would enable you to switch between making use of the Joy-Cons as separate controllers or together as a single controller.

  • First would need to download the BetterJoy from Github repo.
  • After that, extra the files to the folder of your choosing, launch the driver’s subfolder, and run ViGEmBUS_Setup as administrator. This would launch an install wizard that would install all the necessary drivers.
  • Once you have finished installing the drivers, return to making use of the Betterjoy folder and then run BetterJoyForCemu as administrators.
  • The betterjoy would recognize your paired Joy-cons. To make use of the Joy-Cons as separate controllers, click on one of the Joy-Con icons. By doing this, you would rotate the icons to display the Joy-Con icons. By doing this, you would rotate the icons to display the Joy-Cons in a horizontal Orientation. In other to switch back to making use of them as a single controller, click on either icon again.

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How do I Turn off Joy-cons that are Paired with My PC?

You should be able to turn off the Joy-Cons that are connected to your PC by pressing the sync button.

Can I use Joy-Cons for PC Gaming?

You can configure your Joy-Cons to work individually or to act as one. A fair percentage of steam gamers make use of Keyboard and Mouse input devotees. Nevertheless, more choices would always be welcome, and the PC platform is quite diverse.

Does Steam Support Joy-Cons?

Finally, Valve decided to add the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Support to Steam through its client beta program.

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