What to do when you Lose your Wallet?

What to do when you lose your wallet? Losing your wallet is something that is always bound to occur even if you are extra careful of where and how you keep and handle your wallet.

What to do when you Lose your Wallet?

One of the reasons why I do not use a wallet is that I usually misplace them are not. If you have just lost your wallet there are certain things you can do. That is why this article on what to do when you lose your wallet is coming your way today.

If you have lost your wallet one thing you should not do is keep quiet about it and start crying or blaming yourself. You can only do that if there are no valuables in your wallet but if they are then read this article quickly so that we can take the steps listed in it. Because you might be at serious risk if you lose your wallet and do not do anything about it.

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What to do When you Lose your Wallet

In your wallet, there are various types of valuable items that are there that you do not want to fall into the hands of criminals. Not everyone has a pure mind and they might want to use the information in your wallet to their benefit which will not be beneficial to you. That is why everyone that loses his or her wallet needs to take steps. The steps to take when you lose your wallet and listed below;

Do not Panic

When you lose something as a human being you will always panic because it is your instinct even if you plan it will not to be able to take the stuff. So you have to become or try to come down yourself so that you can take steps on how you can find the wallet or simply reduce the effect of a lost wallet. Therefore the first step you need to do or take after you lost your wallet is to stay calm.

Try to Find the Wallet

Now that you come it is time to start or try to find the wallet if it will be possible. However, this is assuming your wallet was lost instead of stolen. Try to recall all the places you have been and all the times that you brought out the wallet so as to narrow down where the wallet could be. You can see play retrace your footsteps so that you can find the wallet.

Take time to share the position you stopped and put out your wallet or any of the places you make a purchase from a credit card in your wallet. Time is very important so make sure you do that quickly before someone sees it and takes it.

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Call your Credit and Debit Card Company

This in a case where you were not able to find your wallet all you need to do now is to simply contact your credit or debit card company as soon as possible. If you have a debit card or a debit card or we have both you should make sure to contact both companies that your wallet has been lost.

This is so that your companies can easily cancel your credit or debit card so that it is not used in making purchases. If you report a stolen or lost credit card you will not be responsible for any charges that are done to it however you will lose money if your debit card is used in withdrawing if you lost it.

Set up a Fraud Alert

Even if someone that found your credit card did not withdraw from it or use it in making purchases they can still use your information to open another credit card account or take a loan. The only way to combat this is to simply set up a fraud alert. Which will force lenders and credit card bill rules to take urgent measures to identify you before opening another account for you.

Freeze your Credit

When you freeze your credit lenders will not be able to pull up your press report when you want to apply for a new card. This means that even if your information got to be wrong individuals that want to use it to open another credit card or loan account lenders will not be able to Grant the application because your credit has been frozen.

File a Police Report

Filing a police report is another way of preventing fraud and proving that you are not involved in your information eventually ends up being used for fraud. Because your statement or record will show that you have found a missing police report for your wallet which contains your information so you will not be held responsible for fraud. It can also help in case the police crash the individual or finds the wallet.

Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles

You need to contact the Department of motor vehicles in case you have a car to ask for the DMV to replace your driver’s license.

Contact your Health Insurance Company

Your health insurance card might also be contained in your wallet and you will need a replacement so you need to contact your health insurance company for a replacement.

Change your Password

If you have lost your wallet it can compromise your credit card debit card email address bank account and others so it is appropriate to change your password with new and stronger one.

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Who should you contact if you lose your wallet?

The moment you lost your wallet if you have tried looking for it and did not find it it is time to start making or taking the necessary steps to avoid fraud. There are several bodies or individuals that you need to contact which have been listed in this article. All you need to do is to contact them and tell them that your wallet has been stolen containing important items and they will take care of the rest.

Can you track a lost wallet?

The answer is yes you can track a lost wallet however he must have first installed the wallet tracking chip on your wallet before you’ll be able to track it. If you did not install one in your wallet it will be impossible for you to track your wallet.

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