God of War Ragnarök Gets a Bug Day One Patch

God of War Ragnarök Gets a Bug Day One Patch launch is quite surprising. God of War Ragnarök has finally launched, which is great news for the millions of God of war fans out there.

God of War Ragnarök Gets a Bug Day One Patch

The game launched on the 9th of November 2022, and it is understandable of you would not want to wait to head right into it as soon as the digital version unlocks or you get home from the store. But, it might just be in your best interest to take it easy just a little bit and make time for the version 02.00 Day one patch that is now available According to Twitter.

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God of War Ragnarök First Patch

First-day patches are not that rare in most modern-day video games, to be sure, and sometimes forging ahead without them due to impatience or even a lack of functional internet would work really fine. But, in the case of “God of War Ragnarok,” Not all of the Pre-release bugs are mild irritations that you can just overlook.

Before going over the patch notes that is available from Santa Monica studio, take note that this list contains what could be considered as spoilers – well, additional spoilers – of “God of War Ragnarok.” Specifically, Santa Monica Studio notes that some creature, ability, and quest names were not mentioned. So if you would like to go in as oblivious as possible, best not to dig right through the notes so fast.

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God of War Ragnarok Launch Day Patch

The chances here are that plenty of them are spread across several categories, according to the company and its notes. The Dialogue has probably been cleaned up, re-paced, and re-emphasized in other to avoid potential irritation and confusion. A lot of accessibility option bugs have been worked out. The audio mix has been properly adjusted, and now you would notice fewer (hopefully none, now) instances of sounds not playing or not playing properly.

Lots of Visual and General Stability bugs also have been addressed, So the seven crash-prone quests noted should not run into fewer problems when managing or upgrading your equipment. Also, mercifully, the patch is expected to prevent the enemy loot drops from in areas that are inaccessible.

There is a bunch of adjustments than all of that, but if you are a PS4 user, in particular, you should probably wait for the patch to finish installing before you start the sequel to “God of War 4.” It addresses some loading issues, but importantly, it fixes a potential crash that would occur when loading a save.

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Is There a Day One Patch for God of War Ragnarök?

Fortunately, if are among those that have pre-ordered God of War Ragnarök for yourself, you should be able to download this day-one update just before the game becomes playable. But see as the game has been released, you can also download it.

What are God of War Ragnarök’s Bugs?

The glowing insects that are in God of War Ragnarök are just part of the endemic lift in each of the realms. They are not secret spies or anything like that. They are just bugs that can be squashed or ignored.

How Long Does God of War Ragnarök Take Place after God of War?

After four years God of War Ragnarök finally continues with their journey, the journey of Kratos and Atreus, diving even deeper into Norse mythology, offering a wealth of new enemies for the duo.

What is the Big Creature in God of War?

Meet Jormungandr, the World Serpent. While the serpent goes by many names, those who are well-read on Icelandic mythology recognize him as the massive snake-like creature as none other than Jormungandr (or the Midgard Serpent).

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