Warzone Rebirth – How to Play Warzone Rebirth

What is Warzone Rebirth? Well, the simple answer here is that: Rebirth is a call of duty Warzone’s battle royale mode spinoff, the bite-sized younger sibling that you are not aware of.

Warzone Rebirth

Warzone Rebirth

The game first appears in Call of duty black ops: Cold War’s Warzone Season one update, Rebirth is a 40-player battle royale mode with a much smaller map than the Warzone we have played and loved. Well, recently it received a major update with the rebirth resurgence additions in late march right before the season 3 warzone update.

Dropping into the map based on the Soviet-era chemical weapons testing facility, this game feels more like the standard warzone, to begin with. Expect to chase contracts, stockpile cash, scoop up the floor, and make for a loadout drop as soon as you can. For a short while, there won’t seem to be much of a difference between the two modes, except that you get to find yourself in more combat, all thanks to the much smaller map size. You even get to make use of most of the standard suite of warzone tips.

But if you get taken down on Rebirth Island, you would not be taken to the Gulag. Instead, as long as you have a teammate that is still alive, all you have to do is wait a while for a short-timer and you would respawn again. Until the closing stages of the game, as long as your squad does not totally get wiped out, you would be given a guaranteed shot to hop right into battle.

How to Play Warzone Rebirth

Rebirth has now been added as a part of your warzone install, so as long as you have a call of duty’s free battle royale installed you should be able to access rebirth mode.

Right in Warzone’s main menu, you should find Rebirth listed below the standard battle royale queue, labeled as “Rebirth Resurgence” and available for you to select. You should be able to select and drop in any of the normal squad sizes.

What’s Special in Rebirth Gameplay

Even though Rebirth is essentially the condensed version of warzone 150-player battle royale. There are some major differences before you decide to board a plane.

  • You are only offering a shorter window to get contracts completed, and their objectives would be a lot closer to you.
  • Eliminating an enemy would get you and your squad the location of the team that they are part of.
  • The loadout would only cost about $7,500 instead of the normal $10,000, so you and your team should be able to grab yours a lot faster.
  • The map only houses 40 players, instead of the regular 150
  • There is no gulag as long as one of your teammates is alive, you would redeploy after a delay
  • You get to begin with a self-revive in every new game, but it does go away if you have to spawn right back into the game
  • Green-colored weapon trading stations would spawn on the island. These would actually allow you to trade in your gun for a lower quality gun and get a bunch of other items and cash in returns
  • The island has communication towers. You can make use of these for $1,500 to send out a one-time ping that is similar to a UAV in other to locate nearby players.

Warzone Rebirth Map

The rebirth island is more like the younger sibling to the Warzone’s Caldera and has its very own collection of hot spots that you need to be aware of. Well thankfully, there are not too numerous and you get to make use of them quickly. Seeing as the island is not so big, learning the surrounding would not be so hard.

Stronghold (New)

Stronghold comes with several outbuildings with roof areas, numerous areas of crates and low-cover, and a huge radar dish tower to offer you a wide view of the approaches. also, it got a Redeploy Ballon if you need to get out in a hurry.

Dock (New)

The Dock is another interesting point of interest, it is stacked full of crates, along with one of the two ships that got added to the island.


The factory has a second and smaller ship, and a staircase for players to enter. The masts are still tall enough to give you a great sightline.

Prison Block

The huge prison area got refreshed, bringing covered walkways to the courtyard, and some tents in the courtyard itself, so there is quite a bit more cover in the approach. You would see some TV remotes right on the prison cells that can get into the gold vaults.

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