Warzone Operation Monarch – Everything You Need to Know

Warzone operation Monarch has arrived, and players are already running around Caldera with two of the most iconic monsters wreaking havoc across the island. This is one of Warzone’s Most ambitious crossover events in the history of the game, with a lot to interact with to get your Kaiju fix.

Warzone Operation Monarch

Warzone Season 3 

We have been aware of the operation Monarch in Warzone Season 3 for quite some time now, but the exact details of the gameplay were vague. Was it an event like the Fortnite-like live event? A game Moe? Or just as a cosmetic push?

Well, now we are in possession of an answer. While it does come with tons of cosmetics and in-game items tied to the legendary monsterverse, it’s a playable game mode where the players would fight on the same battlefield alongside King Kong and Godzilla.

However, there are questions that you would undoubtedly have, which include how does the Operation Monarch game mode work, what do Godzilla and King Kong do, and how do you control them? Because yeah, that is something that you can do. Well below this content would give you everything you need to know about the operation monarch game Mode.

Warzone Operation Monarch

The operation Monarch’s major selling point is, of course, King Kong and Godzilla. While the cosmetics are nice, most people are going to be lining up to see the king of Monsters and the Eight wonders of the world go at it.

In other to see the two monsters do battle and try to get a win while in the middle of it – you would have to play the operation Monarch limited-Time mode. It runs from around May 11 to May 25 and is a 60-Player game, with squads made up of about four players. For most of the part, it would function more like any other game of Warzone – only there are two massive monsters causing havoc around you.

On the field, players would find Monarch Intel in supply boxes, and supply drops, by killing enemies and doing damage to both Godzilla and King Kong. Then you can make use of this intel to unlock killstreaks and loadout drops.

This game comes to an end like every other Warzone game – when one team would be left standing.

How Do You Control King Kong or Godzilla?

For the most part, King Kong and Godzilla would not be overly active during the beat of the battle …. That is until the two monsters enter titan frenzy. This happens at the start of a match, and once more during the match duration. This would see the titan fly into a fury and start attacking players.

During this period, you can attack and damage both creatures directly. The team that deals the most damage would be given a special S.C.R.E.A.M Device. This is when the real fun starts.

Once you are handed the device, you would be able to make use of it like a killstreak, and it would allow you to direct one attack from either titan. You can choose to make use of a ground pound from King Kong, or a heat-ray from Godzilla, as well as choose, where the attack will hit on the map. You might be in possession of the best loadout in the meta, but it cannot save you from the 337-foot gorilla stomp on your head.

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