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This challenge seeks creative entrepreneurial solutions that support the preservation, safeguarding, and rejuvenation of biodiversity, while also ensuring the sustainability of essential services for terrestrial ecosystem health. Key focus areas encompass:

  • Biodiversity monitoring and measurement
  • Incentivizing demand and innovative financing for biodiversity
  • Strengthening local value chains

UpLink Biodiversity Challenge


Between 10 to 20 submissions will be chosen as winners and recognized as Top Innovators, joining the UpLink Innovation Ecosystem. This curated program is tailored for Founders, CEOs, Executive Directors, etc., offering:

  • Access: Winners will have the opportunity to take part in exclusive World Economic Forum and partner-led events, projects, and Communities.
  • Visibility: Global exposure through the digital media channels of the Forum and UpLink.
  • Connections: Strategic introductions to relevant organizations within the networks of the Forum and UpLink.
  • Targeted support: Winners will receive assistance and programs focusing on technical, business, and operational aspects to further develop their innovations.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Environmental impact: The solution addresses the root causes of biodiversity loss, such as habitat degradation, species extinction, and climate change, to support conservation efforts effectively. A strong monitoring and evaluation framework must be in place to measure the impact.
  • Socio-economic impact: The solution should engage local communities and provide opportunities for empowerment through increased income, employment, and education. A robust monitoring and evaluation framework is necessary to assess the impact.
  • Innovative potential: The solution fills significant market gaps, demonstrates uniqueness, has undergone market testing, and shows promise for commercial viability or is already operating on a large scale.
  • Governance and operating model: The solution follows an equitable revenue-sharing model, inclusive decision-making processes, and clear land tenure relationships.
  • Business model: For-profit startups or social enterprises that generate revenue and have a sustainable funding model are preferred. Not-for-profit organizations with revenue-generating projects may also be considered.
  • Stage: Solutions should be beyond the ideation phase and show potential for scalability, replication, long-term financial viability, impact, and sustainability. Top Innovators typically have progressed from the pilot phase to growth or scale.
  • Management team: The solution should have a dedicated, diverse, and value-driven management team with a track record of successful execution.
  • Geographic scope: Submissions from around the world are welcome, provided they are scalable in their local contexts and have the potential for replication in different regions.

How to Apply

To kick-stay your application, click here.

For more information please visit the official website of UpLink Biodiversity Challenge.

Application Deadline

April 22, 2024.

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