All you Need to Know about Florida Central Credit Union Credit Card

In today’s world, Credit cards are one of the easiest ways to make payments without carrying cash bundles. With credit cards, we can easily make fast and secure transactions from where we are.

Florida Central Credit Union Credit Card

Among the wide range of card providers, Florida Central Credit Union is distinguished by its incredible card variety for various life necessities and needs. Florida Central Credit Cards usually come with cashback and reward points to enhance your purchase savings when you use them.

Let’s look into the world of Florida Central Credit Union Credit Card and explore it’s benefits and how they can simplify your financial life.

What Are The Benefits of Using Florida Central Credit Union Credit Card

Below are some of the benefits you get while using a Florida Central Credit Union Credit Card:

Safe and Cashless Transactions

With Credit cards, carrying out payments and transactions are very easy and secure. A major primary advantage of using a credit card is the ability to make secure payments without the need to carry cash bundles. Advanced security measures like chip technology and CVV codes are used by Florida Central Credit Union Credit to help protect your financial information from being misused.

Amazing Rewards and Cashbacks

With Florida Central Credit Cards, you earn as you spend. You are eligible for various rewards programs, allowing you to earn reward points or cashback as you make more transactions. These rewards can be redeemed for travel, merchandise, gift cards, charitable contributions, etc.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts

As a Florida Central Credit Union Credit cardholder, you gain access to a world of exclusive offers and discounts across various categories which include dining, shopping, travel, and entertainment. These special deals can help you save money while enjoying the finest things in life.

Card Control and Alerts

With Florida Central Credit Union, you have total control over your card from payments, transactions, etc.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance covers lost card liability, air accident,s etc. These added benefits provide peace of mind and safeguard you against unforeseen circumstances. These Insurance policies are to help you protect the people who matter most in your life.

Features of Florida Central Credit Cards

  • Wide range of credit cards for different needs such as; Travel cards to earn air miles and lounge access, Premium cards for high-income customers, and Cards for online shopping cashback. Click on the link below to check the different varieties of cards available for you
  • Accepted by thousands of people in the Tampa Bay area.
  • Earn reward points or cashback on each dollar you spend (More points/cashback for specific categories).
  • You will have access to special privilege discounts and offers like travel, merchandise, gift cards, and charitable contributions for premium cards.
  • High credit limits for eligible customers.
  • Total card management through Internet banking and mobile apps.

The above key features make Florida Central Credit Cards reliable and convenient for payments and transactions while providing rewards, privileges, and insurance benefits based on the card type, rates, costs, and fees.

Cost, Rates, And Fees for Florida Central Union Credit Cards

  • Most Florida Central Union Credit Cards do not have annual fee payments.
  • Interest charges on outstanding balances are within the range of 5.75 % to 13.90% APR per month depending on the type of card. You can also get a 0% APR rate for 12 billing cycles on balance transfers made in the first three billing cycles from opening.
  • Late payment fees start from $10. You can also be charged if payment is missed by the due date.
  • The cash advance fee starts at around $5 depending on the amount of cash withdrawn.
  • Special fees may apply for premium cards

The rates and fees vary based on the Florida Central Union Credit Card type and usage. It’s important to check and understand the applicable charges.

How to Apply for Florida Central Union Credit Cards

Follow the easy steps below to quickly apply for a Florida Central Credit Cards

  • Visit the Florida Central Credit Card Bank website at
  • Navigate to the ‘Credit Cards’ section.
  • Choose the card you want to apply for.
  • Fill up the application form and enter personal details like name, date of birth, etc.
  • State other details like your residence, employment, income, and existing loan/card details.
  • Upload required documents or Identity proof like a copy of a valid Driver’s License or State ID, and a copy of your Social Security card.
  • You will pay a sum of $5 to open your Member Share Account.
  • Also submit your Residence proof and proof of income like salary slips, bank statements, etc.
  • When approved, the new credit card will be issued to you.

The application is simple and can be done online or by visiting a branch. Having all required documents ready makes it easier.

How to Activate and Use Your Card

Here are some simple points on how to activate and use your Florida Central Union Credit Card:

How to Activate:

After receiving your new credit card in the mail, you need to activate it.

  • Login to FCU through their mobile app or click
  • Navigate to Tools > Card Management
  • Your inactive card will appear under Setup Pending. Select Finish Setup, Card Activation, and then Activate Card.
  • Once complete the card will now appear under “Active cards” and will be ready to use.
  • Call the number given in the card welcome kit.


  • You can call you to call 888-333-9319
  • Enter your full debit card number.
  • And lastly, set a PIN for your new debit card.

How to Use:

For purchases at stores:

  • Swipe/insert your card at the payment terminal.
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN when prompted.

For online/website payments:

  • Enter the 16-digit card number.
  • Along with CVV number, expiry date, and name on the card.

It can also be used for international transactions.

How to Make Payments Using Florida Central Union Credit Cards

Florida Central offers multiple convenient options for making credit card payments:

  • Through Internet Banking or Mobile Banking.
  • Log in to your Florida Central Union internet banking or mobile banking app, add your credit card, and make payments directly from your linked bank account.
  • Physical branch Visit: Visit any Florida Central Union branch and make cash or cheque payments towards your credit card outstanding.
  • ATMs: You can also make payments at ATMs using cash or by transferring funds from your linked account.


By understanding the features, benefits, and usage guidelines of Florida Central Union Credit Cards, you can make informed decisions and enjoy the convenience of secure and rewarding transactions.

Explore the range of cards available and find the one that best aligns with your lifestyle and financial goals.

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