University Of Pretoria: TILA Masters in Law Scholarship 2024 – APPLY NOW

The University of Pretoria is inviting eligible African students for its TILA Masters in Law Scholarship 2024. The Master of Law (LLM) degree in International Trade and Investment Law in Africa is a groundbreaking program. That is the first of its kind to be offered on the continent. This unique educational and training initiative is centered in Africa. Providing students with comprehensive exposure to the global world of trade and investment.

University Of Pretoria: TILA Masters in Law Scholarship 2024
University Of Pretoria: TILA Masters in Law Scholarship 2024

The Centre for Human Rights collaboratively developed the degree and presents it jointly with the University of Pretoria and the University of the Western Cape (UWC).

In partnership with Makerere University in Uganda, American University Washington College of Law in the USA. And the University of Amsterdam and Erasmus University in the Netherlands.

About the University of Pretoria

Established in 1908 with just four professors and 32 students. The University of Pretoria (UP) has grown into one of South Africa’s largest research universities. UP fosters a dynamic university community with diverse backgrounds and cultures, reflecting the richness of South African and global societies.

A vision drove its inception, aiming to create a space for quality education and the flourishing of new ideas. Throughout its existence, UP has weathered various phases of political power and social change, emerging as a pillar of excellence in education.

Benefits of the University Of the TILA Masters in Law Scholarship

The revised LLM program brings exciting benefits to its students;

  • Participants will have the opportunity to interact with students and lecturers from other master’s programs at the Centre for Human Rights.
  • This cross-pollination of ideas fosters a deeper understanding of evolving international approaches to human rights, as well as the social and environmental responsibilities of businesses, and their implications for international lawyers.

Eligibility Criteria for the TILA Masters in Law Scholarship

  • The Masters in International Trade and Investment Law is a one-year, full-time interdisciplinary program.
  • The Program consists of two semesters, with the first semester including an intensive custom-designed coursework curriculum. In the second semester, students must complete a mini-dissertation.
  • We expect applicants for this program to have excellent academic credentials and to demonstrate a strong interest in International Trade and Investment Law.

How to Apply

  • We request interested and eligible candidates to submit their applications to Prof R Wandrag, Faculty of Law, UWC, Private Bag X17, Bellville, 7353.
  • For more details, kindly visit the official website of the University of Pretoria at:

Application Deadline

Aspiring students should take note of the application deadline, which falls on July 31, 2023. Applicants should ensure that they prepare and submit the necessary documentation ahead of this date to ensure eligibility for the program.


Is the LLM program open to all nationalities?

Yes, the LLM program is open to students from across Africa, encouraging diversity and a rich exchange of ideas.

Can I apply for the scholarship if I have a different legal background?

Absolutely! We encourage candidates from various legal backgrounds to apply for the program as it is interdisciplinary in nature.

Will the mini-dissertation topic be assigned or chosen by the students?

We give students the freedom to choose their mini-dissertation topics, allowing them to explore areas of personal interest and expertise.

Can I apply for the scholarship if I already have other financial aid?

Yes, candidates who have other forms of financial aid are still eligible to apply for the University of Pretoria Masters Scholarship.

Are part-time study options available for the LLM program?

As of now, the university offers the LLM program only on a full-time basis, providing an immersive learning experience for all participants.



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