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Are you desiring to study at Fordham University? That will be a great choice but you must be aware of the factors to consider before making the institution your school of choice. Such factors to consider include Fordham University’s acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements. Without these factors, it will be difficult to gain acceptance into Fordham.

University of Fordham Acceptance Rate- 2023
University of Fordham Acceptance Rate- 2023

Fordham University’s admissions committee places a high value on a student’s GPA as an important academic metric. In addition, the applicant’s place in their high school class ranking is considered. Letters of recommendation are also important in the eyes of Fordham University admissions personnel.

For admission consideration, the university maintains high academic prerequisites.

The university typically considers individuals who score in the top 18% of standardized test takers as potential candidates for admission. A large percentage of new college freshmen have excelled as top-performing students in high school.

An Overview Of the University of Fordham

Fordham University, a private Jesuit research institution based in New York City, was founded in 1841. It is named after the Fordham area of the Bronx, where its first campus is situated. Fordham is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit university in the northeastern United States and the third-oldest in New York State.  Fordham University is a Jesuit-affiliated independent school with four undergraduate and six graduate schools. Its intellectual ethos is mostly of Jesuit origin.

Fordham University Acceptance Rate

The Fordham acceptance rate is an important factor that applicants must examine in order to get admitted to the college. With a 53.5% acceptance rate, the university ranks 40th in New York among the most difficult colleges. Last year, 47,936 people sought admission to various programs. Only 25,180 of these received an admission offer.

We can see from the data for Fordham University admissions that the acceptance rate in 2022 has decreased from 2021. The acceptance rate at Fordham University can be described as follows:

  • Class of 2021 has a total of 46,160 Applicants  with a total amount of 26,925 admittees and an  acceptance rate of  3%
  • Class 2022 -2023 has a total of Applicants of 47,936,25,180 admittees, and an acceptance rate of 53.5%.

The University- SAT, CAT, and GPA

  • The average SAT score for Fordham is between 1230 and 1600. Applicants with SAT scores lower than the university’s average face difficulties in gaining admission.
  • The ACT requirement emphasizes Fordham University’s competitive competitiveness.

    Generally, the university considers individuals who score in the top 13% of national exam takers as viable candidates for admission. In that instance, Fordham’s ACT ranged from 29 to 32 (42-68%)

  • The typical GPA requirement for admission to Fordham University is 3.59. This criterion highlights the university’s high level of competition, where candidates need a high GPA to gain admission to their chosen program. The college primarily gives offers to students who have earned a B+ or higher in high school. 

Fordham University Eligibility Criteria  

Fordham focuses on  the following qualities when considering prospective students for admission:

  • The University highly values applicants who can demonstrate extracurricular activities such as volunteer work, personal character, unique creative experiences, distinctive talents, and so on.
  • You must have a GPA of 3.59 or higher.
  • The quality of your essays plays a crucial role in securing admission to Fordham University, making it essential to write a strong essay for acceptance

  • Applicant must produce his/her secondary school transcript.
  • You must have Standardized test scores because good ACT and SAT scores play a key influence in gaining acceptance to Fordham University.
  • Candidates must have work experience.
  • A character certificate is necessary

  • Fordham looks for talented applicants.
  • It is critical to provide a strong letter of recommendation from a staff member or counselor at your prior school.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Fordham University application process work?

Admission to Fordham University is a difficult process. While Fordham has a competitive acceptance rate, your chances of admission for fall 2022 are dependent on the quality and content of your application.

What college GPA do you consider for transfer applicants?

We recommend a minimum college GPA of 3.0 or above and admitted Fordham students typically possess an undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or higher.

How hard is Fordham to get into?

It is difficult to gain admission to Fordham University. Fordham received 46,160 applications for its Class of 2025 and offered admissions offers to 26,925 students, resulting in an overall acceptance percentage of 53%

Fordham University Application Tips

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