Fordham University Scholarships – Apply Now!

Fordham university is offering scholarships and aid to eligible students. These aids are from Fordham’s own resources and are available to all full-time undergraduate students. Aids must come from a presidential award.Fordham University Scholarships

This four-year scholarship may be received for up to eight semesters (fall and spring) only. In this article, you would learn more about Fordham scholarships, so keep on reading.

Fordham University Scholarships  

Fordham University awards are made on a competitive basis after taking into consideration of the academic performance profiles, needs, and other necessary factors. There are four different Fordham scholarships that are most competitive. These include Phi Theta Kappa, Jogues, UPS, and Loyola scholarships.

Fordham Phi Theta Kappa

This scholarship is mostly awarded to transfer students who are members of the phi theta kappa society with outstanding academic records. This scholarship is renewable annually based on filing the FAFSA by the Fordham deadline, maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress, and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Fordham Jouges Scholarship

These scholarships are mostly awarded to those entering traditional first-year students who show high academic performance and leadership ability. The Jogues scholarship ranges from $1000 to $10,000 and is an annual award that will be applied toward tuition charges for courses.

Fordham UPS Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship ranges from $2000 to $7000 per year which will be applied toward tuition charges for courses taken. These scholarships are awarded to high-performing students from different groups based on merit or need.

Fordham Loyola Scholarships

The Loyola Scholarship ranges from $1000 to $12500 and is an annual award that will be applied toward charges for courses taken as traditional undergraduate students. These scholarships are awarded to transfer students who have high academic records and leadership abilities.

Fordham University Graduates Scholarship

Fordham’s Graduate school of education (GSE) provides merit and need-based scholarship and assistance. Awards are made for the full-time academic season (summer, fall, spring). GSE office of Financial Aid implements school policies for school-based assistance.

Graduate Assistantships awards are made in recognition of academic achievement, special performances, or academic capability. Students who are not continuously enrolled each semester of the academic year may lose their rewards and not guaranteed reinstatement

Eligibility Criteria for Fordham University Graduates Scholarship

To get a Fordham university Graduates scholarship you must certain criteria. The eligibility for the Fordham University Graduates scholarship are:

  • A good GPA requirement of 3.5 undergraduate GPA and a 3.75 graduate GPA.
  • Enrollment in two courses (six credits) for the whole semester.
  • Only U.S and Eligible Non Citizens are eligible to receive GSE scholarships.
  • For financial needs complete a FAFSA form.

If you meet the above requirements, you are eligible for the Fordham university Graduates Scholarship. Having known this read on to learn how to apply for this scholarship.

Fordham University Scholarships Application

Are you interested in applying for any of the Fordham scholarships? If yes, read on. For first-year students, these are the requirements for a complete application: the students must have a common application, including an essay a high school transcript, a letter of recommendation, and the SAT or ACT scores. The next section of the article would guide you in applying for the scholarship.

How to Apply for Fordham Scholarships

To apply for the scholarship online, follow the steps below:

To get a campus, students applying for Fordham must choose either Rose Hill in the Bronx or Lincoln Center in Manhattan.

Also to get into a college when applying to Fordham must select either of these Fordham College at Rose Hill, Fordham College at Lincoln Center, or the Gabelli School of Business at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center.

Fordham Presidential Scholarship

The Presidential Scholarship is awarded to the top 20 admitted students each year. it is also awarded to traditional first-year students who rank generally in 1 to 2 percent in their high school.

It is also awarded to students based on their academic performance and personal character. This augments gift aid from all sources to cover the cost of full tuition and fees each year for courses taken as a traditional undergraduate student.

Fordham University Scholarship for Transfer Students

Fordham grants the following scholarship and opportunities for transfer students, and financial aid opportunities to U.S. citizens and eligible noncitizens upon submission of the FAFSA and CSS profile. For more information on the Fordham scholarship for transfer students, go to

Frequently Asked Questions about Fordham University Scholarships

What is the Average GPA for Fordham University?

The Average GPA at Fordham University is 3.64. Students are required to be above their above average in their high school. Fordham University is highly competitive in its GPA.

How Much Merit Scholarship does Fordham Give Out?

$5,000 to $45,000 per year, these awards are mostly three years (some may be four if in the part-time evening session program) as long as the student keeps good academic progress.

Is Fordham University a Good School?

Fordham University is ranked #72 out of 443 National Universities, all schools are ranked according to their academic performance.

What Program is Fordham Known for?

Finance, General; Business Administration and Management, General; Economics, General; Computer and Information Sciences, General; International Business/Trade/Commerce; and English Language.

Fordham is generous with scholarships ranking 291st in a pool of 1,000 schools analyzed for merit aid generosity. For those who don’t receive need-based financial aid, the average merit award is $11,904.

Is Fordham Generous with Financial Aid?

Though an expensive private university, Fordham’s financial aid scholarship opportunities are need-based.

Does Fordham give Full Scholarships to International Students?

The annual awards may range from a few thousand dollars up to the cost of a student’s first-year full tuition charges at maximum. funding for international students is limited.



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