University of Camerino Scholarship 2024-25, Italy (No IELTS Required) – Call for Pre-admission

In Italy, there is an institution called Camerino Institution (one of the oldest universities in the country), you can rest assured that everything is done just the way you like it. When you compare this prestigious institution to other Italian colleges, it has a far greater acceptance rate and does not require IELTS or application fees. In addition, there are more opportunities for students with poor CGPAs.

University of Camerino Scholarship

University of Camerino (UNICAM), is a public university established in 1352, it is located in Camerino, Italy. International students will not need to take the IELTS exam to study free bachelor’s or master’s degree programs. This is the University’s call for pre-admission, and the procedure only requires a small number of documents.

Types of University of Camerino Scholarships

Numerous scholarship programs are offered by the University of Camerino. Please note that there is a different application deadline for each scholarship.

  • Italian Government Scholarship
  • Invest Your Talent in Italy
  • Borse MAECI
  • ERDIS Scholarships

When the applications for these scholarships become available, you can apply for them, but you must first be admitted to the university.

The Pre-Admission Process – How it Works

Guidelines for Students in Need of an Italian Study Visa/Permit.

  • Assessment: The academic committee at UNICAM will assess your application when it is submitted.
  • Decision: Upon successful evaluation, Candidates will receive an email with a pre-admission letter.
  • Formal enrolling: Using the UNIVERSITY portal, you can start the formal enrolling process after obtaining the pre-admission letter.
  • Final Decision: UNICAM will make a final determination regarding your application after you have finished the enrollment process.
  • Visa: Following the University’s validation of your application, a pre-admission letter will be issued to the designated Embassy along with your email address.

The Pre-Admission Benefits

  • Early evaluation: It gives you a head start on learning how likely it is that you will be admitted into the program.
  • Easy Enrollment: The official enrolling procedure goes far more smoothly if pre-approved.
  • Visa application: The pre-admission letter issued will be very useful during the Visa application.

Required Documents

 For Bachelor’s Degree

  • The main page of the student’s Passport
  • High-school diploma.
  • Proof of secondary education.
  • Language Certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, Trinity, Pearson) at level B2 (not mandatory).

For Masters Degree

  • Passport (main page)
  • Bachelor’s Degree certificate.
  • Transcript of records.
  • Language Certificate

Applying for the University of Camerino Scholarship

Visit the official UNICAM website at to complete the pre-admission online application form.

Application Deadline

15th March 2024.

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