Play Golf Year Round with the TruGolf Mini Simulator

Become a pro quickly with this golf simulator, which includes a golf club. On December 7, grab the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator for only $172.97, saving you 56%.

Play Golf Year Round With the TruGolf Mini Simulator
Play Golf Year Round With the TruGolf Mini Simulator

Play Golf Year Round With the TruGolf Mini Simulator

Even when the greens are snowy, gather your golf buddies, and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa because you can still play at home. This holiday season, hone your swings with the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator, now on sale for just $172.97 (regularly $399.99) for a limited time.

Extend your golfing season with TruGolf. Place the included swinging path mat in your living room or bedroom. Download the 36 Connect software onto your PC or iOS device, or mirror a smart device to your TV or monitor for a fully immersive at-home golf experience. Attach the mini sensor to the impact trainer club, and start swinging.

The program’s sophisticated software analyzes all club and ball data in real-time after each swing, eliminating the guesswork in your improvement. With every swing, you’ll experience a “click” sensation to replicate the feel of hitting the ball as it moves across the lush greens on your screen. The sensor reads your club face angle, angle of attack, swing tempo, and club path, providing feedback on your shots for precise results.

TruGolf replicates the game’s unique physics, enabling you to play on over 100 virtual golf courses featuring 16 mini-games and 18 play modes. Explore 13 chip and putt ranges along with 4 driving ranges. For those seeking a challenge, the program provides skill-building exercises tailored for both beginner and advanced golfers.

Swing Into The Holidays

Indulge in a perfect game this holiday season. Get the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator for just $172.97 (regularly $399.99) for yourself or a golfing buddy, and no coupon is required. This discounted price is available until December 17, but make sure to order by December 7 at 11:59 p.m. PT to ensure it arrives by Christmas.

Experience the joy of golfing throughout the entire year with the TruGolf Mini Simulator, now available at the enticing price of $175. This simulator offers a remarkable opportunity to engage in your favorite sport irrespective of weather conditions or seasonal limitations.

Beyond its attractive pricing, the TruGolf Mini Simulator brings the golf course to the comfort of your own space. Transform your living room, basement, or any suitable area into a virtual golf haven. This not only offers convenience but also adds an element of excitement to your daily routine.

The simulator includes a swinging path mat, enabling you to practice and refine your swings without leaving the confines of your home. It simplifies the process of setting up, making it easy for users to enjoy a quick game whenever the mood strikes.

With the TruGolf Mini Simulator, the thrill of golfing extends beyond the physical aspect. The accompanying 36 Connect software, compatible with both PC and iOS devices, adds a layer of sophistication to your experience. Mirroring your smart devices to a TV or monitor further immerses you in a lifelike golfing environment.

After each swing, the software’s real-time analysis provides comprehensive insights into club and ball data, eliminating the guesswork from your improvement journey. The “click” sensation with every swing mimics the feel of hitting the ball, enhancing the overall immersive experience.

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