Lego Bricktales – Part Adventure Game and Part Construction Simulator

The Lego universe’s latest game launch is the LEGO Bricktales. A lot of LEGO lovers have quite fond childhood memories of playing with these colorful plastic bricks.

Lego Bricktales

Ever since the LEGO group was expanded to the digital realm with LEGO video games back in 1997, over 80 games available on those little plastic building blocks have gone across tons of gaming platforms.

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About Lego Bricktales

The aim of each of biome is to gather happiness crystals, which would power up portions of Grandpa’s theme park. Once you have completed the storyline in each of the biomes, you would be offered one crystal, and then teleport back to the amusement park, where the crystal will fire up a new ride.

Along the way, we get to encounter LEGO figures in each of the environments that ask us for help with Good-Samaritan-type deeds, the completion of which is what progresses the storyline.

In each, if biome, you are expected to step right into the temple and gain a new skill, just like hovering and stomping which come in handy if you are playing the biomes through again after the completion.

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Part Adventure Game and Part Construction Simulator

through its rather vague story of your avatar and their grandpa, you would slowly unlock a miniature hub world that features portals to various classic Lego Settings: pirate beaches, medieval castles, and of course city. Each of the areas features its very own network of Lego dioramas to explore, light puzzles to solve, and a range of mini-Lego that builds to put together.

Also, it is great seeing your hero Minifigure wobbles around these worlds, with and head sometimes spinning in excitement just like a character from the Lego Movie. But it is that last point – the mini builds themselves – where Lego brick tiles really stand on their own.

For quite some time now, Lego games have used Lego as a Backdrop, a filter through which you can make a funny licensed parody. In this scenario, Bricktales offers a genuine building, in a mostly-competent creator mode that offers you fully physics-balanced bricks.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, ever since Bricktales was created by bridge constructor series developer Clockstone, you can start with bridges. Here is a ravine that you are expected to cross, the game says, and here are the bricks you have to do get it done. Would it stand up? Will it hold the weight of a Lego car? In other to complete your build, you frequently have to sit back and watch and hope that it does.

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Lego Bricktales Tasks

Sometimes in the game, you would be given the task of building to an exact design, but more often, you would be given a mound of bricks and allowed to work out your very own solution to a problem: a ramp, a winding walkway, a multi-level fire escape.

It is really great to see some of the models you designed come to life, things like trucks, cars, or cranes to transport other Minifigures to another area. Most of the time, you would see clearly how many pieces you have left to finish building a puzzle and this is sometimes not enough, and this means that you would constantly try to see the bigger picture.

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