Chromecast is Now Running on Android 12 and Supports 4K

Chromecast is Now Running on Android 12 and Supports 4K. If you are making use of the Chromecast device, then you would notice that it is now running on Android 12 and supports 4k among other interesting features that it now carries.

Chromecast is Now Running on Android 12 and Supports 4K

Several users on Reddit’s have spotted a new update for Chromecast, and it adds 4K support, additional visual and adds audio control, enhanced security, and more. This latest update skips right through the past Android TV OS 11, taking your Chromecast straight from Android 10 to Android 12. And of course, there are several numbers of unspecified bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Chromecast is Now Running on Android 12 and Supports 4K

This download offers some extra options over high dynamic range (HDR) and it surround sound, as well as to manually switch refresh rates to match a video’s frame rate. To be clearer, the speed of what you would be seeing on screen would match what is being played a lot closer, which should make things appear to move a lot more smoothly.

Plus updating it would also install July’s Android security patch that addresses several critical and high-risk issues. And if you are interested in turning off your camera and your microphone access for your apps for the sake of privacy or any other reason, you would be able to do that now.

Bug Fixes and Added Control Options

Other responses to this update have gotten mixed up, however. Some of the users are having a nice time enjoying the bug fixes and added control options, while other have been experiencing a much slower and less responsive interface. Also, it appears as though the update might change some of the default sound settings, so if you notice that something is not working as expected, you should try checking your advanced sound settings.

Chromecast Update to Android 12 would be going live now, and with this update handled automatically, it should be set to go the next time you choose to turn on your device. otherwise, you can choose to manually check for the latest version if you prefer not to wait.

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Is Chromecast Now Running on Android 12?

Yes. Chromecast recently made the jump to Android 12. Now, If you launch your Chromecast would be greeted with a new interface, new features, and added controls to make things run more smoothly compared to the way they used to run.

What are the Different Types of Chromecasts?

Chromecast (3rd generation), Chromecast ultra, and Chromecast with Google TV are the three major types of Chromecast that are being made by google at the moment.

What are the Best Chromecast Models?

We are really interested in Chromecast with Google TV. It only costs about $20 more than the 3rd generation Chromecast and you would most likely be offered access to Google TV and much better controls. However, it is mostly down to some personal preference and whatever suits your needs most.

When was Chromecast first Announced?

The very first generation of Chromecast was announced on July 24, 2013. It was made available for people in the United States on that same day for US$35.

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