Nintendo Switch Sports Reportedly Adds Free Golf Update to the Mix

Nintendo Switch Sports reportedly adds Free Golf update to the mix. That being said, a new free bonus sport makes the multilayer Switch game by Nintendo much better.

Nintendo Switch Sports Reportedly Adds Free Golf Update to the Mix

Nintendo Switch Sports Reportedly Adds Free Golf Update to the Mix

One of the best multiplayer single-Switch games to be released this year is Switch Sports which is a remake of the classic Wii Sports game that makes use of the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers for motion tracking in the same way the old Wii remote controllers did. Via a new update, Nintendo has just added an extra sport and it is one that Wii sports used to have on their catalog: golf. At $40 or $50 for the physical cartridge and leg strap accessory that also works with soccer, this game is finally feeling like the complete package we have all been waiting for.

Switch Sports Have Had Various Free Updates since Its Release

Since its release, Switch Sports have had various free updates, but golf however was the very one we have been waiting for. since its debut, it has been promised and the reality is a fun game for groups or single players, there are 21 holes included, and the swing-based mechanics with the game challenging enough to make it something that after a couple of quick plays, you would love to keep practicing in order to master it.

It gives a VR golf type of feeling, but of course without a VR headset. This brings the total of Switch Sports included sports to seven and they are tennis, badminton, volleyball, bowling, soccer, chambara (swordfighting), and lastly, golf.

The Update Added A LAN Mode for Local Play between Switch Systems

You should also know that the update added a LAN mode for local play between Switch systems as an alternative to online playing.

Nintendo also has its very own deeper Mario-themed tennis, golf, and soccer games, which add extra modes and unlockable characters for users. But however at $40, Switch Sports is a less expensive overall package and it includes just enough motion-controlled fun to be a great casual choice for families, friends, or even kids. This is a game that I’ve come back to a lot more than I had originally expected.


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