Truck Driver Jobs in Europe with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now!

Truck driver jobs in Europe with visa sponsorship – Are you searching for a job in Europe? Probably a truck driver job? Well, if yes, we have good news for you on that. Have you learned that you can get that job and worry less about your visa funding?

This is because there is a lot of truck driver job in Europe that are ready to offer sponsorship to an interested person who would want to work in their custody.

Truck Driver Jobs in Europe with Visa Sponsorship

Truck driver jobs in Europe for foreigners are in high demand and if you are passionate about driving and making something out of it, then you should extend your services to a developed country like Europe.

This is because Europe is filled with lots of opportunities for all serious-minded individuals.  Getting a job like this in the above-mentioned country is very much easy as all you need to do is to get all documentation in place. Well, this is not an opportunity to bypass as there are lots of benefits that you can call a lifetime bonus to you.

Who is a Truck Driver

A truck driver is a person who makes his daily living by driving trucks or lorry. The driver generally drives to move goods via road transport from one point to the other. However, to work as a truck driver you need to be qualified for the job. Hence, you will have to meet up with some requirements before becoming a full-time truck driver.

Truck Driver Jobs Description  

As a truck driver, you have responsibilities and duties such as picking up goods and materials, a variety of loads for accuracy and delivering them as instructed. Furthermore, they are responsible for loading and unloading cargo.

Hence, they function in basic vehicle maintenance and comply with all safe work practices, policies and processes at all times.

Thus, before applying for any trucking job in Europe, you will have to go through the job description to be sure you met with standards of the job or you can make adjustments.

Truck Driver Qualification and Skills

Just like we mentioned before now, you will be needing the right documentation in other to make your job application easy. Hence, in other to get a job in Europe as a truck driver, you will have to possess the following:

  • Two-year of commercial driving experience.
  • No serious Ticked or accidents in the last 5 years.
  • Driving licenses in good standing.
  • No serious tickets or accidents in the last five years.
  • A clean driving record or they can have their license suspended or revoked.
  • Strong knowledge of safety regulations to be familiar with not just traffic laws but rules regarding how often they are required to rest, maximum miles driven and the like.

How to Become a Truck Driver in Europe

Becoming a truck driver in Europe is very easy. Well, the advancement of technology has made it so. With the use of your mobile device or a computer system, you are sure of getting a job in Europe.

Many trucking companies sponsor visas for their driver so that they can come to Europe and work for the company. However, to get connected with such a company from your home country, you can simply use the internet as a working tool.

Truck Driver Jobs in Europe with Visa Sponsorship
Truck Driver Jobs in Europe with Visa Sponsorship

Truck Driver Job Offer Letter

A job offer letter which is also known as proof of employment is a letter sent to you from your prospective employer who has found you qualified for the job. Hence, when you have passed your online interview, your pay rate will be negotiated and then your sponsorship will be processed. Your employer, on the other hand, will send you an offer letter which proves you have been employed and with it, you can apply for a visa.

How to Apply for a Truck Driver Job in Europe with Visa Sponsorship

Here are easy steps to consider when applying for a truck driving job in Europe with visa sponsorship:

  • Maker research on available trucking jobs in Europe. To get this done, you have to use a website that is used by advanced countries and also companies in Europe.
  • When you find any available job, go through the job description to ensure you meet the standard of the job.
  • Set up a standard CV and an application letter that matches the job description.
  • Upload the CV and the application letter on the company’s employee portal.
  • Then, you will have to wait for a response from the company to you made your application.

While this process is going on, you should ignore any offer that needs you to pay a certain amount before getting a job with visa sponsorship.

Visa For Truck Driver Jobs in Europe with Visa Sponsorship

Getting a visa for your immigration after you must have been sent a job offer letter is very easy. You will get to know the type of visa to apply for when you have gone to a Europe embassy in your home country. Hence, when you must have gotten your job offer letter you should start your visa processing immediately.

Visa Sponsorship Letter for Truck Drivers Job in Europe

A sponsorship letter is written by the sponsor, who explains their relationship with the applicant. However, the sponsor would cover the cost of the visa and immigration. For the letter to be valid, it must be attached to a document that proves the availability of the funds and the identity of the sponsor.

Obtainable Truck Driver Jobs in Europe with Visa Sponsorship

There are so many truck driver’s jobs accessible that you would be able to apply for them online by uploading your cv on the company’s portal. So from the checklist of jobs accessible, you may choose the one you feel is right for you to apply for.

Here is an outline of truck driving jobs online in Europe to apply for:

  • HGV Driver Ireland
  • Multi Drop Supply Driver 7.5tn Nights Blanchardstown
  • Full-Time Artic Driver Rathcoole
  • HGV Driver (Artic) in Dublin
  • 5 Tonne Driver
  • Truck Driver Cherry orchard in Dublin
  • LCV Driver
  • Rigid Supply Driver 7.5tn Nights – Naas
  • Driver HGV
  • Trainee Driver
  • 5T Supply and Install Driver
  • Rigid Truck Drivers
  • Truck And Ancillary Operators

These and many more are types of trucking jobs you can apply for in Europe.

Job Duties of Truck Drivers in Europe

Here are some duties that could be given to you by your employer:

  • Drive on different roads to deliver items.
  • Oversee the loading and unloading of products and items from the truck to make sure nothing is broken in the process.
  • Transport and ship all fragile and heavy goods with care
  • Report in case you have seen any defect in the truck
  • Planning the goods delivery correctly so that they would be delivered on time
  • Inspect the vehicles every day.
  • Monitor the truck and refuel the truck when necessary
  • Collect confirmation of supply from the shoppers after delivering the products.

Where to Get Truck Driver Jobs in Europe

There are several places you can get a job with visa sponsorship online. Well, these places are websites such as:


Salaries of Truck Drivers in Europe

The average salary for a Truck Driver in Europe arranges from £20,535 to £25,463. However, this amount could change dues to differences in policy and standards. Hence, you should ensure you negotiate your salary with your employer before accepting the proposed offer.


Can Truck drivers Get Green Cards?

Yes, it is possible for a truck driver to work in Europe and in a long run get a green card. However, if you intend to work and live permanently in Europe as a truck driver, you can look for an employer who is willing to act as the sponsor of an employment-based petition for permanent residency.

Can a Trucking Company Sponsor a Foreigner?

The simple answer to the above question is “yes”. Trucking companies in Europe can sponsor truck drivers to work in Europe. This Visa program is designed to help get experienced workers to work for companies in need of staff.

Can Truck Drivers get Sponsorship?

Yes, truck drivers can get sponsorship. However, it is advisable you disregard any request that demands money from you before giving you a job with visa sponsorship.

Do I Need a Green Card to be a Truck Driver in Europe?

No, you do not need a green card before you can become a truck driver in Europe. However, if you decide to work for a very long time and also become a permanent resident, you can simply talk to your boss about that for help and instruction on what to do.



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