Toyota Tundra’s TRD Lift Kit Reportedly Preserves Driver-Aid Tech Compatibility

Toyota Tundra’s TRD lift kit reportedly preserves driver-aid tech compatibility. The 3-inch TRD lift kit is keeping both of the manufacturer’s warranty and the pickup’s standard Toyota safety sense driver-aid suite well intact.

Toyota Tundra’s TRD Lift Kit Reportedly Preserves Driver-Aid Tech Compatibility

Toyota Tundra’s TRD Lift Kit Reportedly Preserves Driver-Aid Tech Compatibility

This new week, Toyota has announced a new OEM lift kit for its all-new tundra for model years 2022 and newer. The kit was developed by Toyota Racing Development (TRD), and it boosts the full-size pickup’s ground clearance while it still kept compatibility with the manufacturer’s safety sense driver-aid suite and the automaker’s warranty.

The lift kit by tundra raises the front suspension by 3 inches and the rear end by 2 inches. The net result however is around a 2.6-inch increase in overall ground clearance and as well as improved clearance angles. The approach angle also reportedly grows to 26 degrees which is 4 degrees more than stock while the departure angle on the other hand increases by a single degree to 25 degrees.

And to get there, the package is inclusive of taller front coil springs, Bilstein monotube dampers, and forged upper control arms that are manufactured by Roush. The front end also gets new lower knuckles, stabilizer links, tie rods, bump stops, and drive shafts, among others. Out back, you’ll find new spring spacers that are raising the tail. The brake line hoses of the Tundra are also extended to compensate for the extra wheel travel.

Lifting the Nose Affects the Positions of the Cameras and Sensors Powering Features

You should also know that lifting the nose also affects the positions of the cameras and sensors powering features such as collision or lane departure warnings. The TRD kit retains compatibility with the Tundra’s standard Toyota Safety Sense driver aid suite, thus retaining complete functionality of the pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and as well as automatic high beams. This is likely the reason why Toyota and TRD require authorized dealer installation for the kit in question.

The TRD lift kit as you should know is compatible with the 2022 model year or newer Tundra models with either the 5.5- or 6.5-foot bed, with the exception of TRD Pro and TRD Sport grades which, of course, have their very own unique TRD suspension hardware. The lift kit is also not compatible with trucks that are equipped with the optional and more complex Adaptive Variable Suspension or air suspension hardware, just so you should know.

The $3,995 MSRP Covers All of the Hardware

The $3,995 MSRP covers all of the hardware, however, labor costs for the installation are not included in that price in question. And if installed at the time of a purchase of a new vehicle, customers will get to enjoy a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty on parts. For installations on older vehicles, on the other hand, coverage drops to 12 months or the remainder of the Tundra’s current new vehicle warranty, whichever is longer considering.


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