Top Fully Funded Scholarship for International Students – APPLY NOW!

Top fully funded scholarship for international students – are there still fully funded scholarships? Can a foreigner get a fully funded scholarship to study abroad? Well, the simple answer to that question is a big “YES”.

Top Fully Funded Scholarship for International Students

An international student from other countries can study outside their country via a fully funded scholarship. Hence, in this article, we will be giving you a list of fully funded scholarships that will interest you.

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Top Fully Funded Scholarship for International Students

A fully funded scholarship is one good opportunity students need. Having a fully funded scholarship will give access to study freely aboard with little or nothing spent. Well, it’s important to tell you that there are different types of fully funded scholarships as regards academic study.

Some fully funded scholarship covers just your tuition expenses. While some take care of both tuition expenses and living expenses.

However, most scholarships take full responsibility for your schooling expenses, living cost, travel cost, gives you a book allowance, provides insurance coverage and more. Below are listed the top fully funded scholarships for international students:

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Commonwealth Scholarship

The commonwealth scholarship is one of the best scholarships in the United Kingdom. It is totally for everyone who cares to apply, however, when such a person meets the need requirement, he or she would be selected for the scholarship.

Furthermore, there is no country restriction as the scholarship provides a completely funded scholarship in PHD, research, master’s study, and academic and professional fellowship.


Oxford Pershing Scholarship

Oxford Pershing scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international students at the University of Oxford, this scholarship covers all tuition fees and provides funds towards living expenses for both years of study at the university.

This is simply open to all international students who are interested in taking postgraduate studies at the school. Well, this scholarship does not cover your flight ticket or does it give you access to a free visa but takes care of just your schooling expenses and well fare?


Fulbright Scholarship

This particular type of scholarship program allows graduated students, artists or young professionals from other countries to study abroad.

It operates in more than 100 countries of which the United States is part. Furthermore, applicate is allowed to study different programs ad they so wish.

This is one interesting scholarship that offers several benefits such as a free visa, insurance coverage, book allowance and lots more. It also covers your schooling expenses and living cost.


Chevening Scholarship

Chevening scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for all international students. However, this type of scholarship is only open for master’s studies in any subject or program of the applicate choice. This scholarship covers, tuition fees, a monthly living allowance, an economy class return air face to the United Kingdom and more.


Gates Cambridge Scholarship

This scholarship offers qualified applicants benefits such as health insurance, academic development funding, family allowance, tuition coverage, living cost coverage and lots more.

It is only open to those who would want to further their studies at both Master’s and PhD levels. It does not give qualified applicants access to a free visa, is it a fully funded scholarship? The answer is “Yes”.


Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship provides graduates with the opportunity to doctoral and also postdoctoral research at one of its publicly funded institutions. It takes care of your allowance, tuition fee, and health insurance, and also provides lodging allowance.

However, after application and acceptance, the institution will not be responsible for your immigration to the set country. As they can only take fully responsible for your studies when you are having entered the country.


DAAD Scholarship

This is simply called the German scholarship program. It is a program that is open to foreign applicants who have gained a first university degree in areas of “Architecture, interior design, monument conservation, Urban planning/ Urban Development, Landscape and lots more”.

The program is a fully funded one and it allows students to complete a master’s degree/postgraduate degree leading to final qualifications.


ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarship Program

This is a fully funded scholarship for international students. This scholarship is only offered for master’s studies. This scholarship provides a grant covering living and study expenses as well as tuition fees. Hence, if you are an international student and you want to study outside your home country, this scholarship would not be a bad idea.


KAIST Undergraduate Scholarship

The above institution awards a scholarship to international students. However, this scholarship is only available for master’s degree programs. The scholarship takes care of entry tuition costs, allowance, one economy round trip medical insurance and also Korean language training fees. However, you should note that the scholarship does not cover your visa or flight ticket to the country.


OFID Scholarship

The Fund for international development offers a fully funded scholarship to qualifying individuals who intend to take up a master’s degree at a well-known university anywhere around the world. This scholarship ranges in value from $5,000 to 50,000 and covers tuition.

Furthermore, it covers a monthly stipend for living expenses, housing, insurance, books, relocation subsidies and travel expenses. Hence, with this scholarship, you can be accessible to a free visa.


Westminster Fully International Scholarship

The University of Westminster offers scholarships to international students from developing countries who want to study in the UK and complete a full-time undergraduate degree in any field of study you want. With this scholarship, you will be accessible to waivers, housing living expenses, and flights to and from a form your home country.


Can I Get a Visa Sponsorship with an International Scholarship?

Well, to the above question, the simple answer to that question is “yes”. However, it all depends on the institution offering the scholarship. As most fully funded scholarship does not cover visa sponsorship. Hence, while applying for a scholarship, you should be such to go through the benefits the scholarship covers.

When Should I Start Applying for Scholarships?

When do I apply for a scholarship? That depends on each scholarship’s deadline. Some deadlines are as early as a year before college starts, so if you are in high school now, you should be researching and applying for scholarships during the summer between your junior and senior years.

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Do Scholarships Expire?

Do scholarships expire or can they be withdrawn? “YES”, the scholarship can expire for a few reasons. If students don’t enrol in classes within a certain time period, or if students take a break from school, then the scholarship could expire or withdraw.

What Happens if I Get a Scholarship?

When you get a scholarship, you are expected to report it to the college you plan to study. The school on the other hand will reassess the financial aid package. Hence, when a student wins a scholarship, they become less “needy”, which means they do not as much financial aid.



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