TikTok Blocked Hollywood Writers’ Strike Videos Accidentally        

TikTok blocked Hollywood writers’ strike videos accidentally while it was casting a QAnon net. A QAnon conspiracy theory reportedly resulted in videos of the Writers Guild strike being blocked from the search results of TikTok.

TikTok Blocked Hollywood Writers’ Strike Videos

TikTok Blocked Hollywood Writers’ Strike Videos

TikTok videos that were related to the Hollywood writers’ strike were blocked temporarily as the social media platform attempted to moderate QAnon conspiracy theories.

Media Matters for America, which as you should know is a nonprofit media research group, recently reported, today to be precise that TikTok users were unable to search for content that was related to the Writers Guild of America strike. “WGA” and “WGA strike” didn’t return any search results on the platform and app despite continuing waves of coverage of the writer’s and actors’ strikes. And within a couple of hours of MMFA’s report being published, the search results were reportedly restored and now appear to be working as usual.

TikTok Confirmed That It Accidentally Blocked Searches for the WGA Strike Content

TikTok after the incident confirmed that it accidentally blocked searches for the WGA strike content while it was attempting to block QAnon conspiracy theories; Ben Rathe, TikTok spokesperson stopped short of revealing to us exactly which QAnon phrase was blocked on the record, but we do get to see the slogan “WWG1WGA” (where we go one, we go all) is a common QAnon phrase.

Under the disinformation policy of TikTok, the social media firm in the past has banned user accounts that were sharing QAnon content and has also blocked QAnon hashtags. Posts that contain terms such as “Writers Guild of America” were not affected, Rathe stated.

The Effect of TikTok During The Strikes

TikTok has been a key and important way that unions and workers have shared news regarding the dual WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. The strikes in question have had an impact on content creators as well as influencers too, as studios all over try to hire non-union content creators to help do work that union members are not performing, and creators on the other hand try to understand just how to comply with union requests.



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