Tidal’s New Feature is a Throwback to the Days of Radio DJs

Tidal’s New Feature is a Throwback to the Days of Radio DJs which is great. It seems the Hi-Fi Music streaming service Tidal is looking to change just how we discover new music. This new tidal DJ session feature would allow you or anyone DJ a set, and then share a link so that whoever is interested in it can just tune in live.

Tidal’s New Feature is a Throwback to the Days of Radio DJs

Tidal’s New Feature is a Throwback to the Days of Radio DJs

These features just feel like you are sharing a session with someone or more like you starting your very own radio station, and this really could contribute a big tie to music discovery and Tidal the go-to Streaming service-unless Spotify and Apple music choose to copy the features also.

According to Lifewire, touring musician Arnold aka theRave, stated via Radio that “As an independent music recording artist, I was excited to hear about Tidal’s new DJ session feature. On the surface, it seems like a really cool and convenient way to share music with friends and even start your own radio station. But as I’ve had a chance to use it and think about it more, I’ve come to see that it has the potential to be much more than just a fun feature.”

Discovering New Songs with Tidal’s New Feature

There are tons of ways for you to discover new music today, from the algorithmic recommendations available on your music-streaming app to hoping that you would hear some news concerning it on social media. But the algorithms happen to be for a lot of people anyway so hit and miss that they are useless, and having to surf socials for some new tunes sometimes can be quite stressful.

Usually, one of the best ways for you to discover new bands was for you to get a radio DJ that is good. Locale radio stations would usually host somebody who was always with the latest releases, underground acts, and emerging artists.

The deal with this DJ is that you could listen till they play something that you enjoyed. And if you were able to get a DJ that you were in tune with, you could be getting more hits than you bargained for.

The deal here is that Tidal’s new feature might not be for discovering new songs, but why not take advantage of it? Just imagine tuning into your favorite DJ just to listen to what great sounds they have put together for you. and the best part is that since it is life, it would feel more real, a lot better than what some DJ has put together in the past.

How DJ Sessions Would Work on Tidal

Of course, there are some great catches here. One of them is that you would have to be a Tidal subscriber for you to be able to listen in. And in other, for you to initiate the DJ session, you are expected to be a HiFi Plus subscriber. This basically means that you as the DJ would not be Faced with any Copyright issues.

This also means that songs you would be able to play would be limited to the ones already on Tidal, demos, indie releases, or anything that isn’t part of Tidal’s catalog would not be accommodated. This would have been a great means for musicians to share their Songs with the world.

Tidal Might be Copied

The biggest problem tidal might face is that this idea can be easily copied. If this idea becomes successful, we could be getting the feature on Apple Music and Spotify. Apple already has a big advantage here seeing as you can follow a friend or an artist in the music app, so you could be getting a notification if any of them is making a DJ session.

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