You.Com Search Engine Launches ChatGPT-Style Chatbot search engine launches a ChatGPT-style chatbot, but it however advisable not to trust it completely just yet. This works in a very similar fashion as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which in the early parts of this year went viral for its unique and realistic responses from a computer program, but you however should be careful about the answers it shells out.

You.Com Search Engine Launches ChatGPT-Style Chatbot

You.Com Search Engine Launches ChatGPT-Style Chatbot, a search engine that was launched last year promising more customizability, started to offer a ChatGPT-style chatbot on its website on Friday. The chatbot in question can answer questions and hold a conversation, bringing more artificial intelligence-powered technology to the wider web. Although the chatbot does offer some answers with incorrect facts.

How the New Feature Works

The new feature of the search engine follows ChatGPT, which is an AI chatbot that went viral earlier this year for being able to answer complex questions, based on the information it gathers from around the internet. said it hopes to stand out, though, by offering answers to questions that are more recent like, “Who won the 2022 World Cup?” ChatGPT as you should know only has information up to last year.

What Users Should Know About Using

People who make use of should be careful, however, as its confident answer to the World Cup query appeared to get some wrong details, such as where the final was held, what date it occurred as well as who scored the winning shot. When the chatbot was questioned again by CNET, it omitted those very details.

A note on the site the company says, “This product is in beta and its accuracy may be limited,” and adds that “ is not liable for content generated.”’s Chat Program Is Limited In Other Ways

ChatGPT also has been criticized for confidently publishing incorrect answers to questions.’s chat program as you should know is limited in other ways as well, and is seemingly unable to provide useful responses to requests such as, “Write me a solitaire program in HTML for the web.”

Similarities between the Two Chat Programs

Both chat programs do things such as offering results from the web and repeating encyclopedia-like entries on several subjects. They also can write a letter in response to a prompt such as, “Write me a letter to an old friend who I don’t really like but keep in touch with out of obligation.”


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