The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series Rumored To Include Two FE Editions

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series is rumored to include two FE editions which could be cheaper and smaller options, maybe.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Editions

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Editions

There have been a couple of rumors in regard to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 in recent weeks, and it now seems that the Android tablet series could be arriving with two cheaper FE models as part of the whole range which as you should all know would be something of a surprise.

The team over at SamMobile has been putting the dots together and comparing the model numbers thus posting Geekbench benchmarks. Two of those very models, SM-X516B and SM-X616B, could however relate to budget-level versions of the Tab S9.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Line Model Numbers

And based on prior convention, the Tab S9, Tab S9 Plus, and Tab S9 Ultra according to speculations should have the model numbers SM-X716, SM-X816, and SM-X916 respectively. That simply means that the two extra models that have now turned up are something of a surprise and mystery.

The Galaxy Tab FE Down The Line

You may as well remember that Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE was launched back in 2021, but we however did not get an FE tablet with the Galaxy Tab S8 in the following year. The signs in general now are that the FE model might just be making a comeback as it also could be the same for the phone lines of Samsung too.

The FE version of the Galaxy S22 phones as you should know did not come to light, matching with the tablet series, but there has however been talking that there will be a Samsung Galaxy S23 this year, fact. It now would seem that the FE is now back in favor.

Notable Specs and Features

These tablets as per benchmarks are going to be fitted with a mid-range Exynos 1380 chipset and with a 6GB or 8GB RAM. And if everything goes according to plan, they should be appearing alongside the main Tab S9 tablets in August or September following the scheduled time of the Galaxy Tab S8.



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