Galaxy S21 FE Has Resumed Production – Galaxy S21 FE Debut

The Galaxy S21 FE has now resumed production. It is no longer a secret that Samsung next upcoming event is expected to shine more lights on their foldable phones, especially since it would officially get to reveal the theme for the unpacked 2021 next month. Other great products that would be announced as well as Samsung’s first Wear OS smartwatch, but the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are expected to undoubtedly take up most of the attention.

Galaxy S21 FE Has Resumed Production

One device that is expected might not get to the event right on schedule. But all those that are interested in the Galaxy s21 FE might just get their hopes right up with this latest rumor.

Galaxy S21 FE Has Resumed Production

The Galaxy S21 FE would is shaping up to be quite a very tempting Samsung flagship. Priced much lower than the base Galaxy S21 model, the “fan edition” would be offering some more essential features of the Samsung’s Galaxy 2021 racehorse albeit with some compromises in the hardware and the material. Unfortunately, the recent insider tips stated that the phone might just be Samsung’s biggest casualty in the ongoing chip supply shortage.

Galaxy S21 FE Debut

As initially expected to debut along with Samsung’s third-gen foldable, the production of the Galaxy S21 FE was reportedly placed right on hold due to the fact that there was a shortage. This would basically mean that the Phone would come much later or, in the worst-case scenario, even canceled. Well, luckily, that does not seem to be the case at all.

As stated by Roland Quandt, the Galaxy S21 FE’s production is now right back on track. Of course, that still left some questions with no answer. Such as the actual launch windows for the phone. Then again, last year’s Galaxy S20 FE also comes with its very own independent journey separate from the Galaxy Note 20. Samsung could not even offer an announcement concerning next Month, But with a launch date set to happen later this year.

Galaxy S21 FE Availability

The main question remains to be about the phone market availability. Rumors that came in recently, point to a very limited launch that is in the US and Europe, affecting it chances to becomes a success. There’s also the rumor of a switch to Exynos chips, though that could just mean a much wider availability in other markets where Samsung’s silicon is often found.


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