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Do you want to know about Facebook Buy and Sell 2021? We all know Facebook is used to chat, find friends, and make friends but not many of us know that Facebook can be used to buy and sell. Buying and selling are like everything on FB, easy and straightforward. In this post, we will be discussing and sharing everything you need to know about FB buy and sell 2021.

Can I Buy and Sell on Facebook

Look at the FB buy and sell feature as an eCommerce platform. That allows you to buy and sell online. In this case, you can buy and sell used or brand-new items. You can buy them locally or on the marketplace and you can also buy from businesses.

FB buy and sell 2021 is available to everyone on Facebook either through the FB marketplace or FB groups or brands or businesses that sell on Facebook.

Can I Buy and Sell on Facebook?

Yes, you can buy and sell on FB, if you list items on the eCommerce platform. You can link that listing to Facebook and sell it on FB. FB gives you several options of buy and selling on it.

The best part about it is that as a seller on FB. You need to pay little or in most cases nothing at all to list items on Facebook.

Facebook Buy and Sell Groups

FB buy and sell groups is the same as every other Facebook group but with the major difference that these groups are strictly for buy and selling and also advertising in some cases. Facebook buy and sell groups are available in different locations.

Facebook Marketplace

FB marketplace is like an eCommerce platform. Here items are listed for sale by different sellers, buyers come in here to buy and items, and the item will be delivered by the seller.

Facebook Marketplace, unlike other eCommerce platforms, does not list its own item, it does not handle inventory or delivery, it is just ground for buying and selling online.

How to Buy on Facebook Marketplace

Firstly, you must have an active FB account to buy on FB. Here, we will be showing you how you can buy an item on the FB marketplace. Follow the instructions below to buy on the Facebook marketplace.

  1. Log in to your FB account using the Facebook mobile app.
  2. From the left column of the homepage, click on the marketplace icon.
  3. Once on the Facebook marketplace, a list of different items will be displayed, you can browse through the items or if you are looking for a particular item you can just use the search option. There are different filters available too.
  4. Once you have seen the item you want to buy, click on it and click on Buy on the next page.
  5. Confirm your purchase and make payment.

Facebook marketplace is unavailable on the Facebook mobile app. Also, Facebook marketplace is not available in all locations, if Facebook Marketplace is not available in your location, you should try any of the Facebook Buy and Sell groups.


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