The Next Flagship from Motorola Has a Camera unlike Any Other

The next flagship from Motorola has a camera unlike any other. Users can now wave goodbye to the ultra-wide camera features according to reports.

The Next Flagship from Motorola Has a Camera unlike Any Other

The Next Flagship from Motorola Has a Camera unlike Any Other

Motorola’s next flagship which is the Moto X30 Pro is already shaping up to be an unorthodox entry in the flagship phone space. Then new flagship device is coming with new official camera details pointing to a system that is quite unlike anything that we have seen on devices from other arch rivals and this is including Apple, Samsung, and even Google.

Generally, rumors centered on the X30 Pro have been in existence since last January under the name of ‘Motorola Frontier.’ But, however, most recently, Motorola has been sharing its own official teases of the device and in the process granting users glimpses of the type of hardware the phone is set to offer.

Previously, it was reported that – based on a spy shot that is supplied by user Fenibook on Weibo – the phone will lead with an extended 200MP sensor which is set into what will resemble a Xiaomi 12/Vivo X60 Pro-inspired camera type module.

However, in a new post that was shared to the Chinese social network from the company’s official Motorola account on the 30th of July, we now seem to know that the focal lengths of the three rear sensors of the phone are set to be and they are kind of unexpected.

The Moto X30 Pro Will Not Follow the Normal Standard of Main, Ultrawide, and Telephoto Cameras

And while the promise of three rear-facing cameras isn’t anything out of the blue, the Moto X30 Pro forgoes the standard trend of main (wide), ultrawide, and telephoto that most rear triple-lensed phones offer. But, instead, the Motorola Company is opting for a 35mm primary sensor, paired with dual 50mm and 85mm telephoto snappers with this phone.

While the zoom range isn’t all that particularly astounding, it’s Motorola’s departure from an ultrawide to a dedicated portrait camera for that secondary lens that sets the X30 Pro’s system apart from any other thing that we may have seen.

When Will the Phone Launch

Motorola’s next flagship is already reported to launch in China in the coming weeks, with the possibility of the company making its way westward, towards the UK, Europe, and then the US soon after.


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