New Update on WhatsApp Could Give More Control to Admins

A new update on WhatsApp could give more control to admins. Group chatters are now warned to watch their every step as admins have now gotten more powerful with this new WhatsApp update. Continue reading to know more about this new update.

New Update on WhatsApp Could Give More Control to Admins

New Update on WhatsApp Could Give More Control to Admins

WhatsApp is adding yet another feature to its arsenal for its group chat admins. As spotted previously by WABetaInf, the social media platform is currently working on a new update to its platform that will give group admins the ability to delete any or even all messages that are sent in group chats that they control.

Presently, only users who originally sent messages can delete messages they sent in a group chat, but with this new feature which is set to roll out in beta, the privilege will now be shared with group admins.

Group Participants Will Be Given Time to Delete Any Misleading Message before the Update Will Take Effect

Participants in a group however will be notified if and also when a message on a group is deleted by an admin. Admins also will be warned before carrying out and confirming the option to delete a message. And as part of a more sudden update to the app, users on the platform will be given time to delete embarrassing group chat messages.

Other WhatsApp Group Chat Updates

Other updates are the delete for everyone feature which will now be extended to 2 days 12 hours. Normally the feature remains active for an hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds. And as reported by SamMobile, this extended time feature is already available and in use for some WhatsApp android users. The feature previously has been included in the WhatsApp beta version and it is also expected to roll out to all users on the platform in an expected upcoming update.

Advantages of the New Update to WhatsApp Groups

Undoubtedly, the feature which gave users the ability to delete WhatsApp messages has proven to be very helpful over time for millions of carefree texters using the app. And when put simply, the latest update by WhatsApp will give users the helpful option of deleting certain messages the morning after rather than just within the hour of sending them out.


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