Dennys Hours 2022 – Denny’s Breakfast Hours with Menu & Prices

Want to know about Dennys, their breakfast, lunch, opening, and closing times? Everything is revealed in this article, even their weekends and holiday hours. This article will give you every detail you need to know about Dennys hours in 2022.

Dennys Hours 2022

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Dennys Hours 2022

You can order you’re normal breakfast during Dennys opening hours from the Dennys breakfast menu. To enjoy the menu, you should visit the nearest Dennys and have breakfast.

But like all restaurants, Denny’s also has a strict system. the 24/7 access at Denny’s is what people love about the restaurant chain. The company pursues a strong opening and closing period. So you must first understand when Denny will open when Denny will stop for breakfast, how long Denny will serve breakfast and when it will close.

If you do not want to miss the Denny breakfast menu, do not forget the opening and closing hours of the restaurant. You can’t get Denny’s breakfast during lunch. and you can’t ask the restaurant to start Denny’s Menu breakfast during lunch.


Denny has been in the United States since 1953 serving its customers? Denny believes in putting customers first and treating them well. If you are looking for healthy food at the lowest price, you should find Dennys near Me and run to the restaurant immediately.

Many people who want to go to a restaurant often ask How Long Makes Denny’s Serve Breakfast? But Denny is like other restaurants following the breakfast menu. It has a long history of being a restaurant that offers its customers a great experience, and Denny’s often offers its customers tremendous rewards.

In addition to providing food and entertaining customers, the restaurant also serves social welfare to fulfill its social responsibility.

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Our Denny’s Open 24 Hours

If you have asked the question “what time does Denny‘s open?“ and is Denny‘s Open 24 Hours? Take a look at the table below.

Week-DaysIs Denny’s Open 24 Hours?
Monday24 Dennys Hours
Tuesday24 Dennys Hours
Wednesday24 Dennys Hours
Thursday24 Dennys Hours
Friday24 Dennys Hours
Saturday24 Dennys Hours
Sunday24 Dennys Hours


As you can see from the table, Denny‘s is open 24/7. This means that no matter what time you come to any Denny‘s location, you will always find Denny‘s store open and you will have something to buy.

Does Denny’s Serve Breakfast All Day?

Anyone who wants to eat out should know Denny‘s Breakfast hours. Denny’s breakfast is available 24 hours a day. So you can enjoy Denny’s Menu food all day. But this is only with U.S based restaurants. This is the best thing about Denny’s is that Guests can enjoy Denny’s Menu at any time of the day. Unlike some other restaurants that have strict opening and closing times.

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Is Denny’s Open 24 Hours on Christmas?

Christmas is a holiday that makes everyone busy, but those who like to eat at Denny‘s often ask the question – Denny’s Menu? People also want to know if Denny’s breakfast is served during this festival.

You will be surprised that Denny’s Breakfast and Denny’s Menu Breakfast are available even on Christmas day and Christmas Eve too. The Denny’s Breakfast hours and Menu for the holidays will also remain the same

Denny’s Breakfast Menu

The tables below contain the Breakfast Menus at Denny‘s

Name of Denny’s Breakfast itemItem type
Ham & Cheese OmeletOmelettes
Ultimate OmeletOmelettes
Philly Cheesesteak OmeletOmelettes
Loaded Veggie OmeletOmelettes
All American SlamAll American Slam
Fit SlamAll American Slam
Lumberjack SlamAll American Slam
Belgian Waffle SlamAll American Slam
The Grand SlamwichAll American Slam
French Toast SlamAll American Slam
Vegetable Beef BowlSoups
Broccoli & Cheddar BowlSoups
Loaded Baked Potato BowlSoups
Clam ChowderSoups
Broccoli & CheddarSoups
Chicken NoodleSoups
Loaded Baked PotatoSoups
Ultimate SkilletSkillet
Steak Skewer & Eggs SkilletSkillet
Hearty Breakfast SkilletSkillet
Santa Fe SkilletSkillet
Bacon Strips (4)Sides
Chicken Sausage Patties (2)Sides
Slices of Toast (2)Sides
Hearty Breakfast Sausage (1)Sides
Turkey Bacon Strips (4)Sides
Grilled Ham SliceSides
Cheddar Cheese (Hash Browns)Sides
English MuffinSides
Grilled Ham SliceSides
Red Skinned PotatoesSides
Eggs (each)Sides
Sausage Links (4)Sides
Grilled Chicken Cobb SaladSalad
Prime Rib Cobb SaladSalad
Fried Chicken Strips Cobb SaladSalad
Avocado Chicken Caesar SaladSalad
Cranberry Apple Chicken SaladSalad
Banana Pecan Pancake BreakfastFavorites
Country Fried Steak & EggsFavorites
Peanut Butter Cup Pancake BreakfastFavorites
Blueberry Pancake BreakfastFavorites
Moons Over HammyFavorites
Cinnamon Pancake BreakfastFavorites
T-Bone Steak & EggsFavorites


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Denny’s Breakfast Menu – Special Breakfast

The items included in this menu are;

  • Grand Slam Slugger
  • Chorizo Burrito
  • mozzarella sticks & Tater Tots
  • Classic Burger
  • Slice of French Toast
  • Egg & Biscuit with gravy
  • ChocolateHazelnutCrepe
  • Everyday Slam

These are the items on Denny‘s special breakfast menu

What Time Does Denny’s Serve Breakfast during Denny‘s Hours on Holidays?

During holidays, the time for serving breakfast and lunch in almost all restaurants differ. Check out the table below to know Denny‘s hours during the holidays.

DateDayHoliday NameBreakfast At Denny’s / Denny’s Hours
January 1SaturdayNew Year’s Day24 hours open
January 17MondayMartin Luther King Day24 hours open
February 21MondayPresident’s Day24 hours open
April 15FridayGood Friday24 hours open
April 17SundayEaster24 hours open
May 30MondayMemorial Day24 hours open
July 4MondayIndependence Day24 hours open
September 5MondayLabour Day24 hours open
October 10MondayColumbus Day24 hours open
November 11FridayVeterans Day24 hours open
November 24ThursdayThanksgiving24 hours open
November 25FridayBlack Friday24 hours open
December 24SaturdayChristmas Eve24 hours open
December 25SundayChristmas Day24 hours open
December 31SundayNew Year Eve24 hours open


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Denny’s Open Near MeCheck This Out:

Denny‘s has made it very easy for people to locate their various locations easily. Well, we have made it even easier for you by giving you the URL of the exact page. If you want to get Denny‘s locations near you, go through this Url on your browser,

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions about Denny‘s breakfast hours and other hours that customers of Denny‘s are asking. Read them thoroughly to get the full information.

I personally am not good at keeping time. So, Is Denny’s Open 24 Hours?

Of course, it is. Even on most holidays of the world, Denny‘s is dedicated to serving their customers with all their loyalty and to giving them the best dishes and service, all day long, all week, and in all seasons of the world.

Can I get some Denny’s rewards?

of course, you can, there are some member discounts that the company offers. Kids sometimes or on special occasions enjoy free food when they make purchases of $6 and above.

What is the easiest way to order food from Denny’s?

Denny‘s has an application that customers can use to order food and get it delivered to your location. With this app, you can get information about the Opening, closing, breakfast, and lunch hours of Denny‘s.

What is the cheapest meal at Denny’s?

The cheapest dishes go for $4: buttermilk pancakes, eggs, and bacon or sausage links. Also, Classic burger for $6: beef patty with lettuce, tomato, red onions, and pickles on a brioche bun and served with a side of wavy-cut French fries.

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