The Meta Quest Pro Is Now Down $400 For A Limited Time

The Meta Quest Pro at the moment is getting a limited $400 price drop from its original price. This very one-week sale or even two weeks sale in the United Kingdom starts today.

Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro

It’s been less than three months ever since the Meta Quest Pro initially went on sale and at the moment it is getting a $400 discount already.

The new price of $1,100 however is not permanent. This new price is just for one week in the United States and in the UK for two weeks where it is dropping to £1,300. But this is a notable reduction for a headset that was criticized highly for its high price when it made its debut last fall.

The Meta Quest Pro s you should know is a step-up design from the two-year-old Quest 2 headset, but the Quest 2 however only costs $400, while the Pro on the other hand even at its on-sale price costs up to three times as much as its predecessor.

Meta Quest Pro Specs and Features

The Pro in the event you don’t know has some advantages over the Quest 2. The device has a higher-res display, fits quite easily over wider glasses, and has redesigned controllers that can help track movement with their very own built-in cameras, adds color pass-through cameras as well as improved mixed reality, and also has a face and eye tracking. But its thicker and bulkier design and most times shorter battery life simply mean that it is not always a clear improvement to everyone. Basically, it runs VR apps like the Quest 2 and its own built-in processor is not really much different.

The Quest Pro Promotion Is Available on Meta’s Store and Other Third-Party Retailers

The Quest Pro promotion as you should know is available on Meta’s store as well as third-party stores and for now, it is a limited-time promotion. But it may just be a sign that Meta is already considering more price cuts for its hardware as competition screeched just around the corner.

Meta Quest Pro Industry Competition

The PlayStation VR2 by Sony will be making its debut in late February, and so does the Vive XR Elite by HTC which is yet another standalone pro-level VR headset with a lower $1,099 price tag. The rumored VR headset by apple is expected to make its appearance in 2023. And Meta’s very own Quest 3 is expected very much later in the same year and it could be inclusive of several Quest Pro features but at a much lower price.

It is going to be a very busy year for VR hardware. And while the Quest Pro is getting a significant drop in price for now, you may want to just wait it out and see what else happens or if you just stick with the Quest 2 you already have.


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