Five Best Journals and Planners In 2023

Did you know the five best journals and planners in 2023? Or is this your first time hearing about journals and planners? Don’t worry you’ll get to know what a journal and planner are and how to use them as you read on.Five Best Journals and Planners in 2023

Five Best Journals and Planners in 2023

The Brain has the capacity of retaining planned tasks and activities for more than hours yet, we tend to forget most of our planned activities. Some have succumbed to writing their daily task on sticky note, sheet of paper, etc while others have downloaded a few apps that acts as reminders. Below are the Five best journals and planners in 2023 you should consider;

Emergency Task Planner (ETP)

This paper based daily planning sheet is designed to keep an individual focused. Due to its paper version, it’s more easier to maintain the task list without cheating. It is designed to make your day productive and helps you stick to the task, time and scheduling supports.

Start your day by downloading the free versions to print out at home with your plans already listed. ETP has other versions in pre-printing pads, sticky notes and notebook versions, all available on Amazon USA. It is a challenge to achieve your tasks purposely amidst the busy schedules and ETP can guarantee that!

Seeing My Time Planner

It is designed to help different aspects of your life arranged and achieved. It gives you the tools needed to accomplish your goals, plan your future and plan for fun! It features a 13-month calendar with sidebars for notes, year view calendar for 2023-2024.

It also has five easy tear pads which contains double-sided forms to last the whole year that aids in tracking daily, weekly or yearly plan, Etc. No need to worry about its weight, it is flexible, light and easy to carry about in a purse or bag.

Live Rich Planner

More than just some planner, it is a tool designed to help organise and anticipate each area of your life in planning, attacking your goals and staying creative. Not just any regular organizational tool, it is a 24/7 planner that invites you to add your personal design to each page without spending hours designing templates from the scratch.

It comes in two sizes : Full size is 9 inch X 10.875 inch, Small size is 7.625 inch X 9.5 inch.

Moleskins Classic Daily 12-Month Planner

This type of planner contains a page for each day and a line for each 30-minutes increment 12hourly. It comes in size 5 inches and 8.5 inches. A portable and precise planner containing dates and 2023 calendar with lines to be filled with daily tasks! Check Amazon for more details.

Pen + Gear Planner 2023

Available on Amazon from January 9th to 24th. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this planner. It is more than a planner for 2023, it is a guider to all activities to be done in the entire year, all mapped out in their different dates (calendar). It engineers productivity and time dispensing  tasks in your workplace, school, church, market, etc.

How to Use your Planner Effectively

Most at times we get planners happily and optimistic but it always turn out in disappointment and inefficiency. One vital key to using your planner effectively is CONSISTENCY. Studies have shown that it takes up to two months to form a habit. To use your planner, do the following:

  • Fill in the specific date and hours of the day at the top left side of the form.
  • Pen down the tasks you want to achieve.
  • Mark the time to achieve the tasks in the day grid by the left.
  • Note down interruption and unplanned tasks.

Finally, review at the close of the day and prioritize against the next day.

You need to be consistent in using your planner. It’ll require self discipline though. Another way to use your planner is to fill in important dates and deadline. Also use extra features the planner offers and implement time block!


What percentage of Gender uses planner?

Research has shown that 54.4 % of Men uses planner more frequent than 43.7% women. This is because a woman’s tendency of forgetfulness is quite lower than her counterpart. As a man who runs a company, works for someone, etc they make good use of planners for their schedules, tasks and purpose for the day, week or month.

Do CEO use Planners?

We have CEOs and Entrepreneurs with extremely tight schedules and little or no time to connect with families. As sad as the case may be, most of them have sorted solutions to this by affording planners and journals to suit their daily and weekly tasks. While some have secretaries doing their job, majority have hard and soft copy of planners and journals prepared for the coming year.

What age does Attention Deficient Disorder manifest?

ADD or ADHD begin to manifest as early as 3 years and 12 years. It is commonly found in males than females with respective behaviors.

It is a condition that seeks to express oneself in low self esteem, troubled relationship and difficulty blending in school or work, etc. People suffering from this should take medications and enroll for psychotherapy.

Why do I need planners and Journals in 2023?

There’ll be so many new year resolutions and goals in the coming year, wisdom applies you get a standard and classy planner or journal and begin as early enough to list those goals into their various dates you plan to achieve them.

Planners help in reducing low productivity, it boosts one’s morale to success, it eliminates failed days and weeks, help accomplish all tasks as enlisted in the journals and planners, etc. If you haven’t gifted yourself one , this is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.



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